Most people swim in their pools during the daytime because the sun provides lighting and warmth. But if you were to add lights to your swimming pool, then you could use it at nighttime as well. Swimming pools lights would also keep the pool area safe for people who walk in it at night.

There are several swimming pool lighting options available on the market. Some lights are colorful and fun enough to provide both aesthetics and safety to your pool area. You’ll need to select the best lighting for your needs.

Let’s examine the top 3 best swimming pool lights of 2021.

LED Lights

Most people choose LED lighting for their swimming pools because they consume less energy and are compatible with above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. If you want fancy lighting colors, you’ll find plenty of colorful LED bulbs available for pools. Most LED lights come with a 7 to 15-year warranty if you purchase them from a reputable supplier. You’ll also save money on your power bill each month because they consume less energy. The LED lights are cheap to purchase too.

The most challenging thing is changing the bulbs. The housing setup will determine how long it will take to change the bulb. It might take you over 30 minutes with specific setups. If you host pool party events regularly, then prepare yourself to change the LED bulbs more frequently.

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are the traditional lighting source for swimming pools. You can install them on above-ground pools or in-ground pools as well. The biggest advantage of halogen lighting is how easy it is to change the halogen bulbs. It is much easier than changing LED bulbs.

Unfortunately, halogen lightbulbs do not have a long lifespan. They also consume more energy, which will increase your monthly power expenses. The only two color options available are blue and yellow.

Fiber Optic Lights

Fiber optic pool lights offer the most flexibility. For instance, you can install colorful fiber optic lights beneath the water and change the water surface’s color. The lighting can change colors too. If you want to add excitement and creativity to your pool lighting setup, you must choose fiber optic lighting. The fiber optic lightbulbs can be changed quickly.

On the downside, fiber optic lights do not have a long lifespan. They’ll consume a lot more energy than LED lights and halogen lights. If you leave the lights on for a long time, you’ll have to change your bulbs more frequently. When the lights are installed underwater, they’re more susceptible to electrical problems. For this reason, make sure you hire an electrician to install the lights. It is the best way to avoid future malfunctions and safety issuesLighting

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