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Project Description

For over 60 years, the Zumtobel brand has been synonymous with innovation, unique product and service quality and superior design. The brand has always been underpinned by knowledge of lighting and a profound understanding of its effects on people. Aspiring to create the best light for people and the environment, Zumtobel provides customised solutions featuring measurable added value.

For Zumtobel, using resources responsibly starts with¬in the company – and is brought to perfection in energy-efficient customer projects. While environ¬mental product declarations (EPD) are provided for every product, Zumtobel awards the eco+ label to especially sustainable products only.

Zumtobel cooperates with lighting design companies, service providers and leading industry online portals, where Zumtobel products and innovative lighting solutions are described and basic facts about light are presented. Go to our partners’ websites and see for yourself!

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Products & Projects

Aberdeen Aquatics Centre
The new Aquatics Centre in Aberdeen Sports Village includes, a full 50m Olympic size swimming pool, a 25m pool, spectator seating for up to 600 people, sauna, steam room, exercise studio and cafeteria. The facility was built to enable Aberdeen to host national and international aquatics competitions, also for local performance and as a great facility for the local community to use at their leisure.

Consulting Engineer, Mott MacDonald, were tasked with creating a lighting concept that would be fully efficient and create big energy savings for the centre. CIBSE and Sports England usually recommend a mirror system for swimming pool style applications. However, the original system they had selected from another manufacturer caused major problems for Mott MacDonald, in terms of flexibility and the ability to provide the required efficiency levels.

Thanks to the relationship that Zumtobel’s Lighting Solution Consultant Paul McGregor has secured with Mott MacDonald he was given the opportunity to forward an alternative lighting solution. Paul put forward Zumtobel’s TOL IP65 luminaire. TOL offers huge advantages over traditional lighting methods used in swimming pool environments, including, massive energy savings, the ability to create different lighting scenes according to the task at hand, full daylight control and they are fully dimmable thus offering huge energy saving ability, plus they have a high IP rating thus are perfect for swimming pool style environments. Moot MacDonald loved the suggested solution.

To complement the lighting in the swimming pool areas, in the reception and breakout areas Sconfine luminaires have created a great architectural feature. In the main corridors Panos Infinity help to guide visitors around the centre.

Mott MacDoanld and the client Aberdeen City Council are ecstatic with the lighting design, the efficiency of the luminaires and the energy saving that has been achieved.

Owner: Aberdeen City Council
Architect: FaulknerBrowns Architects
Lighting technology: Mott MacDonald
Electrical installations: Rotary

Angel – Offices
In the trend of the times
The renovation of the Angel Building in North London, included the extension of 9,300 m² of office floor space and is impressive in both architecture and it’s energy saving capacity.

Low energy requirements and high quality lighting were central conditions for this major renovation that transformed a six-storey 1980s office building into a BREEAM recognised ‘Green Building’. Producing a high level working environment with low energy consumption was difficult as the designers had to come to terms with the restrictions of the original building: the location of the building in the corner of the plot meant that one of its facades is curved, so that lighting fixtures with special lengths had to be used. Also, the lighting was required to fulfil high quality standards with regard to efficiency and similarity to daylight. The work places in the building are therefore illuminated with a dynamic lighting system – using DALI controlled direct/indirect luminaires in two colour temperatures (3000 K and 4000 K) supplied by Zumtobel.

Owner: Derwent, London (GB)
Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), London (GB)
Lighting design: GIA Equation, London (GB)

AOL – Offices
Two fittings from Zumtobel’s SCONFINE range by Matteo Thun were key ingredients in creating a contemporary, upbeat environment for AOL’s recent expansion of its central London offices.

‘The brief was for a young, vibrant, creative space that maximised efficiency and provided a flexible workplace,’ says Chantel Dykstra of Architect and Consulting engineer CB Richard Ellis, which also handled the lighting design. ‘We had seen the SCONFINE range and were quite excited to use it because we thought the fittings would work really well in the space.’

To maximise daylight penetration to the open plan areas the cellular offices are located at the two ends of the new fourth-floor space with a support area in the centre. This is the main access to the floor and has become the key feature, containing front-of-house facilities such as the reception and meeting/break-out areas.

The SCONFINE LINEA T5 fittings in the reception area had to meet a series of criteria: they had to be surface-mounted and suspended because of the concrete ceiling and deep exposed beams. They also had to reflect the minimalist warehouse aesthetic of the offices while providing an even, glare-free light distribution. Here installed horizontally (they can also be used vertically), they appear as floating lines of light, visually extending the room.

It was also important that they provided a graphic element which echoed the dynamics of the space. ‘The hardwood strip flooring is positioned at an angle so we decided to use a linear fitting to reflect that angular effect to lead people through the space,’ says Dykstra. ‘They contribute to the movement and flow.’

The SCONFINE SFERA spherical pendant picks up the theme in the break-out area. ‘Having a family of fittings helped to tie it all in,’ adds Dykstra. ‘We positioned the SFERA over the tables so you can see the connection from the reception through to the break-out area. We had a lot of glass throughout the offices so both fittings tied in with that as well. They provided a good amount of light and a really nice effect’.

Owner: AOL, London
Architect: CB Richard Ellis, London
Photos: David Thrower of Redshift Photography

Bon Accord & St Nicholas Shopping Centre – Retail
Owned by Scottish Retail Property Limited Partnership, a joint venture between Land Securities and British Land, the Bon Accord and St Nicholas Shopping Centre in Aberdeen boasts 70,000 square metres of floor space and is a popular destination with all shoppers. Since its extensive refurbishment, this shopping paradise is one of the first malls in the UK to feature an LED-only lighting solution.

Colin Kennedy, Project Surveying Manager of Land Securities explains: “We wanted to explore how the use of LED technology could improve the lighting levels, whilst also complementing the new finishes in the centre. We are extremely pleased with the result. We have lower maintenance costs, and we also have a balance between daylight and artificial light to give optimum energy consumption.”

Wallace Whittle, the Consulting Engineers that worked on the project, carried out an energy appraisal comparing the existing lighting to a scheme utilising Zumtobel’s LED luminaire proposal with the inclusion of lighting controls, and found an annual saving of approximately 117’000 kW hrs, with a predicted annual carbon reduction of 49’000 kg CO2 could be realised. “The Zumtobel lighting solution proved to be the ideal fit for our vision of this project, to deliver environmental improvements, to enhance the shopping experience and to reduce energy consumption.” explains Steve Bruce Senior Electrical Engineer at Wallace Whittle.

Tailor-made customer solutions
The clinching factor in Zumtobel winning the contract was the fact that the company was able to present a coordinated concept that embraced both architecture and lighting – and combined this with state-of-the-art standards such as using LED luminaires and lighting management systems. Intensive discussions between the architects, electrical designers and Zumtobel ensured optimum integration into the existing design and made sure that the LED technology inside the luminaires delivers the best possible lighting comfort. The development team met onsite several times in order to take a close look at the luminaires.

Graeme Nicholls from Gareth Hoskins Architects’ explains: “We were pleased to work in close collaboration with Zumtobel to design a series of bespoke circular LED lights. Through a series of workshops, the design intent was discussed and a number of prototype fittings were developed in order to ensure that the final product exactly met the technical and aesthetic aspirations.” Thanks to square LED luminaires from the Careena product range, which were precisely adapted to fit the 481 mm round cut-outs in the shopping centre’s ceiling, Zumtobel managed to pull off a unique luminaire look. These advanced LED luminaires also save considerable energy thanks to their low installed load and Zumtobel’s specially developed MPO+ micro-pyramidal optic. The plain, uncluttered stylistic idiom of the Careena custom solution creates a timeless vista.

Lighting solution specialist Zumtobel developed another custom solution for the Resclite LED spots. Usually, these LED spots are used to guide visitors safely away from danger in the event of an emergency. In Aberdeen, however, these small LED power packages are also used to provide highlighting in everyday use. Specially tailored to fit a ceiling panel size of 31mm, these round spots brighten up the shopping centre’s roof with brilliant lighting accents, thereby creating the impression of a starry sky. As well as these two custom solutions, various standard Zumtobel LED products are also used in public areas. Light lines and downlights, for instance, provide varied ambient lighting. They make it easier for people to find their way around and facilitate shopping trips in a cosy, bright ambience.

Quality and service in a single package
Zumtobel was again able to successfully put its expertise in deploying high lighting quality and exploiting its effect on people to the test in Aberdeen. Implementing an efficient concept for saving energy ultimately makes this lighting solution a unique combination. The client opted to use Zumtobel’s Luxmate Professional lighting management system in order to make the best possible use of daylight and artificial lighting. This intelligent system makes it possible to dim and control the LED luminaires efficiently and even program lighting scenes that mimic natural changes over the course of the day. This way, the right lighting ensemble is always available at the press of a button during opening hours, when cleaning takes place, and also at night.

Owner: Scottish Retail Property Limited Partnership, Glasgow/UK
Architect: Gareth Hoskins Architects, Glasgow/UK
Lighting technology: Wallace Whittle, Aberdeen/UK
Photos: Neale Smith Photography

University of Dundee – Education
Zumtobel’s luminaires have helped the University of Dundee create a welcoming, modern and well lit environment in their new University Campus.

The University of Dundee is one of the UK’s leading universities, internationally recognised for its expertise across a range of disciplines including, science, medicine, engineering and art.

In 2007, the University celebrated 40 years since it became an independent university after a 70 year relationship with the University of St. Andrews.

The University has seen some major changes in that time. The past decade has been a particularly exciting time of progression and change – since 1994 the University has more than doubled in size.

The University continues to move forward and has recently completed a £200 million redevelopment programme for the city centre campus. A major reorganisation of the academic structure was also recently introduced.

The vision behind the refurbishment of the University was to create a bright and modern environment to encourage future enrolment. The most innovative technology and facilites were also crucial factors. Zumtobel’s luminaires fitted very well into this vision, where manufacturing innovative luminaires and using the latest technology is of paramount importance to us. The University were particularly looking for extremely good vertical illumination of the building.

Zumtobel’s MELLOWLIGHT IV with its high light output ratio and low energy efficiency, was the ideal choice for the classrooms. The modern microprismatic system, with an innovative cross pattern of two layers of high grade optical PMMA/PC, are decisive factors in achieving the high energy efficiency and balancing this with lighting quality.

2LIGHT modular downlights and MIREL FEW recessed asymmetric luminaires create a vibrant, unyet relaxed appearance in the corridors and breakout zones.

The revolutionary 2LIGHT impresses with it’s successful combination of clear-cut forms and sleek materials. The easy-to-maintain sealed system ensures maintenance costs are disregarded.

With their homogreneous asymmetric beam pattern, the MIREL FEW recessed luminaire is ideal for vertical wall illumination. Their special wallwasher effect, with slimline appearence, creates a harmonious, lively atmosphere. The MIREL FEW uses innovative BIVERGENZ technology. This louvre technology provides four great benefits, ideal batwing distribution for optimum uniformity, soft all-round glare control, narrow louvre width and utmost efficiency.

In the University’s stairwell, KAVA wall luminaires help to accentuate and direct the route. The design and elegance of the clear lines of decorative luminaire blend effortlessly into the interior design.

KAVA LED luminaires accompanied with SLOTLIGHT lightlines and PANOS downlights, create a visually pleasing experience throughout the lecture theatres.

The unique KAVA LED luminaires provide brilliant colour illumination to the steps on the lecture theatre’s aisles creating an exceptional lighting atmosphere. Soothingly pure light in uniformly illuminated lines make SLOTLIGHT the perfect design feature. Instead of displaying a luminaire unit, the light line focuses on providing an outstanding lighting effect. The PANOS downlights help win people over with their refined looks and innovative technology.

The University is made extremely energy efficient by the use of Zumtobel’s LUXMATE PROFESSIONAL lighting contols.

Owner: University of Dundee
Architect: Campbell and Arnott Architects
Lighting design: White Young Green
Lighting technology: White Young Green
Photos: Redshift Photography

UBM – Offices
Zumtobel have supplied all the lighting for UBM offices located in Blackfriars, London.

Lighting Solutions Consultant Mark Allen in conjunction with Consulting Engineer Building Services Group and Architect Gensler, were targeted by UBM with creating a modern all LED lighting design which would give a high level of performance. 8w/m2 needed to be achieved to meet the requirements set. The design also had to reach LEED and ECA standards.

Zumtobel were the chosen lighting manufacturer as the client could not find an alternative that could match their luminaire efficiency.

The open soffit design with suspended acoustic rafts, meant that the chosen lighting had to fit exact. Thanks to its high efficiency with continuous lengths, that also matched the acoustic panels and chilled beams, Slotlight was the perfect solution creating perfect lines of light right across the floor plates.

To complement the open plan office spaces, Slotlight mounted in plaster board (kitchenette) and ceiling tiles (meeting rooms and corridors) kept the theme unified throughout the building.

The 19th Floor is a flexible functional space and the client wanted to ensure that the lighting for this space was also flexible. High level Vivo spotlights allow the lighting to be adjusted and set to scenes according to the clients exact requirements.

For the building’s safety, high level emergency lighting with LPS battery system have also been used.

In the larger meeting spaces Slotlight lightlines have once again been installed to ensure uniformity and a clean look throughout.

The lighting on all the floors within the building is connected to Zumtobel’s Litenet control system together with the blinds for daylight linking, BMS and AV Control, making the building fully energy efficient.

The office floors within the spaces will be used as hot desks. Users will swipe a card to login to a desk and once swiped the desk with automatically power up.

The finish of the project was done in close liaison with the main contractor Swift Refurbishments. They were fully committed to the high level finish and the precise workmanship.

UBM are extremely happy with the lighting design throughout.

Architect: Gensler Architects
Lighting technology: BSG (Building Services Group)
Electrical installations: Swift Refurbishments
Photos: Redshift Photography

Montefiore Hospital – Health & Care
The ambition of this Hove based project was to transform an old Victorian building into a private hospital.

Originally built as a furniture depository for Hannington’s De­partment Store in the 1890s, the building was extended in the 1930s and converted to an office in the 1970s.

With it’s stag­gered floor plates (lined with asbestos), steep internal ramps, fixed service cores and dreary decor, this was going to be a complex task to achieve and presented a fascinating architec­tural problem.

Zumtobel Lighting Solutions Consultant, Mark Allen, in con­junction with Hamson JPA and Nightingale Associates, had the challenging task of creating a unique lighting design that fully met the client’s brief, to create the look and feel of a sophisticated modern hotel, rather than a hospital.

Zumtobel’s luminaires have fully achieved this brief throughout the entire building. In the reception area, tunable Arcos luminaires allow for full colour change according to the artwork on display from local artists.

In the patient rooms, Belia’s discreet appearance blends into wooden panels, whilst still fully functional.

Throughout the offices Mellowlight IV glare free, energy efficient luminaires have modernised the entire look of the administration offices.

Slotlight lightlines and Panos downlights using white reflectors blend inconspicuously and uniquely into the hospital’s corridors.

Functionality has also been made possible thanks to the Zumto­bel Emotion lighting control touch panel which allows the user to change scenes according to the function required and the time of the day.

The local Brighton Football Team, among other local celebrities have already been treated there.

Owner: Spire Health Care
Architect: Nightingale Associates
Lighting technology: Hamson JPA
Photos: Redshift Photography

Museum of Natural History at Oxford University – Education
Zumtobel has delivered a new architectural lighting scheme for Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History. As a Grade I listed building, the design and installation process was challenging; however the performance of the LED products, the expertise of Zumtobel and a collaborative approach from the project team has resulted in a spectacular lighting solution that meets the complex requirements of the space.

Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History was originally built in 1860. In December 2011, the museum began an extensive project to repair its roof structure. At the same time, a routine lighting survey conducted by the University’s Deputy Electrical Engineer demonstrated huge potential to upgrade and enhance the minimal lighting that was then in situ.

As such, a project team was assembled, which included the museum’s electrical engineer, Zumtobel, Purcell Architects and Monard Electrical.

John Cronin, Chief Lighting Engineer – Specification at Zumtobel comments: “The first challenge was that only limited drawings of the building existed so we had to manually measure and digitally model the building. Then once a design principle was agreed we created a series of mock-ups that allowed us to select appropriate luminaires, positions and beam angles, ensuring we avoided unnecessary issues when it came to final installation on site.”

Furthermore, a significant challenge for the team was developing an appropriate fixing system that would not damage the Grade I building. Monard Electrical played a fundamental role in the design and selection of innovative fixings, which allowed the luminaires and cabling to be attached to the structure by magnetic brackets.

“The use of magnets followed exhaustive testing for compatibility with the Zumtobel supplied luminaires,” recalls Richard Francis, Partner at Monard Electrical. “However the end result is exceptionally discreet cabling where black cabling appears against a black background, and grey against a grey – with no fixings directly installed on the museum’s structure.”

The resulting architectural lighting solution comprises a combination of Zumtobel, Bega and Limburg luminaires, which significantly improve the overall lighting in the museum as well as illuminate the architectural features of the building, enhancing aesthetics and providing an energy efficient solution.

All luminaires are dimmable and networked to a Zumtobel lighting control system, with an integrated central battery for emergency, designed in combination with Oxford based M&E Consultancy CBG Consultants Limited. Day to day operation is fully automated with daylight control by a roof mounted Skyscanner device that monitors the available amount and direction of daylight. For events, a choice of carefully balanced lighting scenes, including RGB colour change, are accessed wirelessly by museum staff, via an iPad.

Robert Gregg, Deputy Electrical Engineer at Oxford University’s Estates Services concluded: “For the first time the museum is benefitting from a well designed lighting scheme that has attracted critical acclaim from external conservation bodies. The results are a testament to the commitment, passion and pride in the project displayed by the whole team.”

Architect: Oxford University
Lighting technology: Oxford University Estates
Electrical consultants: CBG Consultants Limited
Photos: Redshift Photography





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