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Project Description

Thorn Lighting part of the Zumtobel Group, is a globally trusted supplier of both outdoor and indoor luminaires and integrated controls. Our ‘smart’ and sustainable lighting solutions create comfortable, fulfilling environments for people to live and work in more than 100 countries around the world.

From roads to cityscapes, sports facilities to buildings and their surrounds, we have built a strong reputation for reliability, functionality and technically advanced design. Our mission is to provide products and services which make it easier for customers to specify, install and maintain good quality, energy efficient lighting. You can now view our stand in 3D format and begin a virtual tour to learn more about our products.


Anglian Home Improvements – Industry

After trialling fittings from several manufacturers, facilities management company Cofely chose Thorn’s HiPak Pro LED high bay luminaire to refurbish the lighting at Anglian Home Improvements Norwich factory. Benefits include a 63% energy reduction and an increase in light levels from 100 to 300 lux.

Anglian Home Improvements was established in 1966 and is renowned in the UK as the number one supplier of high quality home improvements. Saving energy for their customers is at the forefront of what they do, so the company decided to explore how its own manufacturing site in Norwich could save energy with new energy efficient lighting.

Lighting solution
Thorn’s Key Account Manager, Terry Ganslandt, worked closely with facilities management company Cofely to provide various product samples for trial, expert lighting designs and several supportive site visits.

As a new customer to Thorn, Cofelys Regional Account Manager, Jason Rose had trialled fittings from four other manufacturers without success. Jason explains, “It was Thorn’s HiPak Pro LED which was the best for our application and the reason why we chose to work with Thorn for the first time. HiPak Pro LED gives a great lighting spread and doesn’t glare when you look at or around the light.”

HiPak Pro LED is a robust, low maintenance and energy saving LED high bay luminaire. At just 150W, it is substantially more energy efficient than the original 700W mercury lamps and has dedicated individual LED optics for precise light control. It also has an integrated PIR sensor and is DALI dimmable for maximum energy savings.

Results and benefits
HiPak Pro has reduced energy consumption by 63% (from 19kWh to 7kWh) while increasing light levels from 100 to 300 lux. Jason explains: “Due to the PIR option, we were able to program HiPak Pro LED to our requirements, which was a big plus.” “The fitting was also very easy to install. Everyone in the factory is really happy with the solution. The lighting has a very good even spread, provides a nice light to work under and saves a lot of energy too.”

Duncan Mottershead, Engineering Director at Anglian Home Improvements says: “An integral part of Anglian Home Improvements’ energy and environmental policies is a commitment to use energy wisely and responsibly, and actively pursue ways to reduce energy usage.”

“Installation of the new Thorn HiPak Pro LED lighting is part of this commitment and has resulted in energy savings of around 60% versus the previous lighting solution it replaced, as well as providing a much brighter and better overall environment within the factory.”

Key facts
• 63% energy savings
• Lux levels increased from 100 to 300

Celtic Way – Cityscape
To do justice to the high-profile development of Celtic Way, Celtic FC and its lead contractor Waterman Group needed an iconic lighting scheme. Eddie Murphy, Senior Electrical Engineer at Waterman Group, says, “We wanted lighting that would add to the dramatic features of the new Celtic Way and focus fans’ attention on the attractions of the main boulevard. At the same time, we needed striking bespoke columns that reflect the success of the club – all in Celtic green of course.”

Additional requirements were to light new car park areas to safe levels and to meet Celtic FC’s requirement to hang banner ads from lighting columns. The lights also had to be highly reliable, as well as cost-effective and easy to maintain for years to come.

Once briefed on Celtic FC’s requirements, the Thorn team proposed a solution based on sleek, eight-metre, brushed aluminium columns with illuminated green tips called ‘finials’. The bespoke columns are equipped with striking, energy-efficient luminaires from Thorn’s Dyana range, with in-built attachments strong enough to hang three-metre banner ads. To illuminate the new car park areas to safe levels without taking attention away from the main boulevard, Thorn proposed a solution based on six-metre columns equipped with Isaro LED luminaires. “The Thorn Isaro luminaires are highly energy efficient and don’t detract fans’ attention from the main Celtic Way boulevard,” says Eddie Murphy.

The Thorn products used for Celtic Way were delivered by Thorn reseller MacLean Electrical and on-site installation was managed by local electrical contractor Pegasus Power & Communications. “All the project partners worked together seamlessly to ensure that the project was delivered successfully, on time and to budget,” says Eddie Murphy.

“Thorn has helped us deliver a hugely impressive, visually stunning lighting scheme that reflects Celtic FC’s past glory, current success and future aspirations,” says Eddie Murphy. “Celtic Way is now much more than the approach to Celtic Park – it’s an attraction in its own right and we frequently see local people and fans stopping to take pictures and admire the Thorn columns and light fittings that line the central boulevard.”

Celtic FC is delighted with the new lighting scheme, which enhances Celtic Way and its attractions. Robin Buchanan, Stadium General Manager of Celtic FC says, “Celtic Way is a stunning new public area for our supporters and Thorn’s lighting scheme helps to show it to its best advantage. We will continue to progress and develop Celtic FC in the right direction to show that we are one of the world’s leading football clubs and give our fans a club they can be proud of.”

By using latest-generation LED technology, the Thorn Lighting solution maximises energy efficiency and minimises operating costs for Celtic FC. Celtic FC needed a highly reliable lighting scheme that would deliver week after week, with little or no maintenance required. The fact that Thorn Dyana LED and Isaro LED lanterns need almost no maintenance for many years made them an excellent choice for the football club.

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital – Health and Care
For the UK National Health Service (NHS), a sustainable health and care system that works within the available environmental and social resources is the key to protecting and improving health now and for future generations.

This means working to reduce carbon emissions, minimising waste and pollution, making the best use of scarce resources, building resilience to a changing climate and nurturing community strengths and assets. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of many NHS facilities with a series of new build and refurbishment projects.

Lighting targeted for significant energy reduction
Supported by Ferguson Brown Consultants, Chelsea and Westminster obtained funding to upgrade to LED lighting based on predicted energy and CO2 reductions through the life of each installation. The need to replace existing fixtures point for point with minimal construction work was essential to the project as all areas were live environments so patient care and consideration was paramount.

Additionally, the timeline to design, manufacture and install a solution was a critical factor to be considered as deadlines were in place to access the funding of the project.

The right partners, solutions and commitment to excellence
Thorn were selected to provide the product solution based on a mix of standard, modified and bespoke fixtures, carefully selected to meet the stringent requirements of the project. Standard products included Chalice LED downlights for circulation areas, College LED for corridors and Omega LED for the patient wards. Local controls were also built into the project, helping to maximise the energy savings and provide additional functionality of the spaces.

Bespoke architectural solutions were used in more challenging areas such as the atria and staircases. The existing indirect reflector fixtures and suspended circular fixtures in these spaces were originally designed to complement the building architecture and are an important feature for the trust to keep and maintain the building identity. Therefore the refurbishment and upgrade exercise was required to replace the existing compact fluorescent sources with LED. With the timescales being so stringent on the project, the additional prototyping and testing of these bespoke solutions had to be built into the programme.

Setting the scene for the future
The upgrades completed in this phase of the project resulted in a 42% reduction in energy consumption with a payback of less than 5 years with the additional benefit of reduced maintenance not only a financial benefit for the Trust but also playing a major part in minimised disruption in the 24 hour care they provide and maximising safety through low maintenance lit environment.

Based on the success of this first phase, Chelsea and Westminster are now planning the remaining 60% of the refurbishment programme.

Durham County Council – Road and Tunnel
With a population of more than 500 000, Durham County Council is one of the largest local authorities in England. As with many other UK and Ireland local authorities, it has a long history spanning more than 50 years working with Thorn – a partnership first ignited by the mass production of street lighting.

Today Durham County Council has approximately 86 000 streetlights and illuminated traffic signs throughout the county, contributing to one of the council’s biggest energy costs. In line with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEE) and the Climate Change Act, the council has been working to reduce both its total energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 40% by 2016. One important part of the initiative is the upgrading of conventional technology to LED.

Since 2010 Thorn has supplied more than 14 000 road lanterns as part of a major ongoing programme to replace all of the council’s inefficient SOX, SON and Cosmo lanterns. In 2010 the chosen luminaire for more than 8 000 fittings was Oracle S as it offered the best fit for the purpose with a very efficient HID lamp that offered energy savings and good light output. Most recently, in 2013, Thorn won a contract based on the price, photometric performance and efficiency of its lanterns to supply Isaro LED and R2L2 LED lanterns over a 6-year period. More than 7 400 of these luminaires have been installed to date.

Reducing Durham County Council’s energy consumption with more efficient street lighting
Compared to the council’s inefficient SOX, SON and Cosmo lanterns, Isaro LED and R2L2 LED offer improved photometric performance along with annual energy savings.

Samantha Berry, Key Account Manager, explains: “Thorn is committed to research and development to ensure continuous product improvements. By installing the most efficient LED modules as soon as they become available, Durham County Council benefits from performance and energy savings.Crucially, the move to LED lighting and reduction in lighting classes in line with BS5489-1:2013 has provided Durham County Council with an annual energy saving in excess of 50%.Our ability to manufacture and supply a quality product in line with Durham County Council’s demanding delivery schedule has been key to the success of this programme to date.”

Thorn worked closely with the client to deliver luminaires pre-wired with the spigot fitted in the correct orientation to allow the luminaries to be installed from delivery without any additional work being carried out by the customer. Thorn also provided a copy of the label inside the luminaire attached to the cable to allow identification of the luminaire without having to open the canopy. This has allowed Durham CC to take the luminaires directly to site for installation and to be recorded for inventory purposes without having to open the luminaire, thus reducing installation time.

The driving force behind the successful management and project implementation was to achieve customer satisfaction by supplying a quality product in line with Durham CC’s demanding delivery schedule. Thorn successfully coordinated and supplied in line with the client’s delivery plan, meeting the initial and subsequent demand within the required short timescale. This achievement is attributed to Thorn’s manufacturing capability and the experienced Project Management team, who organised and coordinated the mobilisation through careful planning and proactive communication with all stakeholders concerned.

Feedback from Durham County Council
Darren Hubbard, Senior Street Lighting Engineer, Durham County Council, says: “Thorn Lighting has been a road lighting partner to Durham County Council since the 1960s. We have found a long-term procurement approach with Thorn to be very beneficial, delivering benefits from continuous product and service improvements. By building on our previous experiences and project successes we can always expect and enjoy more from Thorn. We benefit from faster installation processes and lower energy consumption plus greater service efficiency. Going forward, I expect the products and services provided by Thorn to continue to improve to offer even better quality and performance while still providing excellent value for money”.

Isaro LED and R2L2
Isaro LED offers economic, accurately controlled LED lighting for minor and major roads. Excellent heat dissipation and a long lifetime minimises maintenance and total cost of ownership while high optical performance with adjustable tilting provides accurate lighting control.

The Isaro LED lanterns are delivered pre-wired with the spigot fitted in the correct orientation to allow the luminaires to be installed from delivery without any additional work. A copy of the label inside the luminaire is also attached to the cable so the luminaire can be identified without opening the canopy. These benefits have in turn enabled the council to reduce installation time and costs as well as easily record the luminaires for inventory purposes.

R2L2 is complete road lantern family at the forefront of LED technology. This lantern was chosen by the council because it offers the same photometric performance as Isaro LED but has a universal integrated spigot adaptor for flexibility and easier, quicker installation.

Time Square Office Building – Offices
The Time Square office building in Bracknell is home to Bracknell Forest Council. The building is typical of many UK office blocks and required a complete refurbishment, including a lighting upgrade.

The old lighting comprised 1x58W switchstart luminaires with cat 2 louvres arranged in rows within a metal plank ceiling across the office space. The luminaire design combined with old technology meant the ceiling and walls appeared very dark, creating a gloomy effect below the optimum lighting specification for offices.

Two schemes were put forward for consideration: 1x55W TC-L with high frequency dimmable control gear and 1x42W LED with dimmable gear. The latter scheme was chosen with the contemporary recessed Quattro LED luminaire because it offered maximum energy savings. In comparison to the existing 1x58W switchstart luminaire, Quattro LED offered a 37% energy saving on connected load. Significantly, over a 12-year period, Quattro LED also offered an energy and maintenance saving of £45,543 compared to the fluorescent alternative.

Lighting controls further increase energy savings

Part of the upgrade also included the installation of daylight and presence lighting controls using Sensa Link to ensure the lighting uses the minimum amount of energy required to meet the new design specification. The new lighting levels have been designed to achieve 450 lux on the working plane with sensors programmed to dim the lights in groups according to daylight and occupancy. With the inclusion of lighting controls, lighting is only used when required, increasing the energy savings over and above the 37% achieved by upgrading to LED.

Comfortable lighting fit for the environment

The office lighting has been brought up to the latest lighting standards to support the wide variety of office-based tasks. With excellent colour rendition and superb light quality, the Quattro LED luminaires have transformed the working environment into a bright, vibrant space. The office is now a comfortable place to work, facilitating everyday tasks such as reading, writing and working with a computer screen, as well as clear communication between people As well as the lighting technology upgrade, the office has also been redecorated. This has increased the reflected light within the space and in turn creates further energy savings.

As part of the refurbishment, the emergency lighting has also been upgraded to LED using the Thorn Voyager LED series range. The addition of Explorer emergency lighting controls give a central emergency testing facility across the building.

Controls used

Sensa Link controls
Explorer emergency controls
Category: Thorn
Product Description
Key Facts

Energy consumption reduced by 37%
450 lux
Colour rendition: Ra80

Our Ladies Primary School – Education
Our Lady’s Primary School in Buckinghamshire, England, has just over 200 pupils, including boys and girls aged between 4 to 11. The school is housed in modern and airy buildings, and the children are taught in seven classrooms by year group. As well as a multi-purpose hall, ICT suite and music room, the school has an outside learning area, grassed area and two play grounds.

With the school closed for six weeks during the 2013 summer holiday period, the board took the opportunity to upgrade all the classrooms, corridors and store areas to LED lighting. The main aim was to improve the lit environment within the school’s classrooms. Reducing maintenance and energy consumption were also high priorities.

The classrooms each saw the replacement of nine 1x65W T12 switch start battens with Thorn’s latest College LED luminaire. The College LED luminaire is specifically designed for educational environments and has luminaire optics that improve the vertical and cylindrical illuminance within the space to aid communication. College LED’s excellent cylindrical illuminance means teachers and pupils can now clearly see and understand facial expressions. The classrooms also feel much brighter with light levels increasing from 200-250lux to more than 400lux, making the space an enjoyable place to learn.

As well as the classrooms, College LED has replaced the dull and uninviting 1x36W T12 switch start corridor battens, transforming the area into a bright and vibrant space. In the storerooms, Thorn’s Leopard LED and Novaline LED bulkhead luminaires have replaced the 60W GLS pendants. With integral presence controls, these luminaires ensure the lights are turned off when the space is not in use.

A key benefit of the LED upgrade to Our Lady’s School is the reduction in maintenance. With the College LED luminaire offering a lifetime of 50,000 hours, the school can expect the luminaires to last in excess of 20 years while still maintaining at least 70% of the current light output.

Equally important, the move to LED lighting has reduced energy consumption by 39%, saving £560 and 3.33 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Category: Thorn
Product Description
Key Facts

39% energy saving
3.33 tonnes/annum CO2 saving
£560/annum cost saving

WM Morrisons – Retail
Like every national retailer, Wm Morrisons has energy and carbon reduction at the top of its green agenda. Head of Energy at Wm Morrisons, Stuart Kirk, has a target to reduce energy expenditure by £17 million while maintaining high quality lighting, which is so integral to the shopping experience.

In May 2012 Stuart approached Thorn to request a bespoke retrofit LED luminaire, which could be easily mounted into the Thorn Arena Trough system. The recessed system had been installed in most of the traditional Wm Morrisons stores for over 20 years using fluorescent T8 lamps and HF control gear. Stuart therefore saw an LED solution as a quick-win to reducing the overall lighting load.

Bespoke designs put to the test

Thorn worked with Ian Jagger, Electrical Services Projects Manager at Wm Morrisons and project management and installation partner, IES to develop a bespoke LED luminaire for the high level shop floor lighting which would replicate the distribution of the T8 luminaires with improved performance. Bevelled and flat luminaire designs were put forward with extensive trials at the headquarter mock-up store in Bradford. The conclusion was that the bevelled solution better suited the required look and feel.

Thorn also worked with project partner, Tridonic, to build in the Stark LLE 24 panels with LCI 070 300 drivers to produce a luminaire with efficacy of 91 Lm/W. An opal panel was used to diffuse the LED light source to reduce glare and 300mm blanking plates were installed between each fitting to match the current ceiling layout and improve the uniformity and aesthetics.

Client benefit

By replacing the old fluorescent T8 lamps and HF control gear (140W) with the latest LED technology (52W), Wm Morrisons benefits from 63% lower energy consumption. By using the LED solution it also allowed for the total number of luminaire to be reduced slightly which increased energy savings from 63% to 70%. The improved luminaire efficacy has also increased the store lighting levels and improved uniformity.

This gives a much brighter and uniform feel with a crisp colour temperature of 4000K. The specifically designed retail optics also provide improved vertical illuminance to ensure products on the shelves stand out to customers.

As part of the solution, Thorn additionally trained the installing contractor to develop a quicker installation method. This was because it was important that the system could be installed across a store within three nights during closing times.

For more information about Arena, contact your local sales organisation.

Key Facts

Energy saving: 70%
Cost saving per annum: £32,271
CO2 saving per annum: 195 tonnes
Luminaires designed for sustainability and end of life recycling
Payback: 2.6 years

Wembley Stadium – Outdoor Sport
As one of the most modern and breathtaking arenas in the world, Wembley Stadium connected by EE opened in 2007 and was built on the site of the earlier Wembley Empire Stadium, which was demolished in 2003. A UEFA category four stadium, Wembley Stadium hosts major football matches as well as other major sporting and music events. With 90 000 seats, 34 bars, 98 kitchens, 8 restaurants and 688 food and drink service points, it is the largest stadium in the UK and the second largest in Europe.

Thorn has been a lighting partner to Wembley Stadium since the 1970s, originally illuminating the Empire Stadium and in 2007 equipping the new stadium with the vast majority of its luminaires.In 2004 Thorn achieved full approval to supply lighting to Wembley Stadium following a successful tender process which involved carrying out lighting calculations for every room and area (except emergency signage) using the specified lighting package of AG132.

Some recent lighting highlights include: Arch lighting

In 2014 Thorn replaced the stadium’s iconic arch lighting with a custom LED lighting system designed for full colour as well as special moving light effects.

The new lighting means the arch can be illuminated in an endless range of colourful possibilities. Roger Maslin, Wembley National Stadium Ltd Managing Director, explains: “We can now use the arch to make big, bold and entertaining statements which can be seen right across London. With so many lighting scenes the possibilities are fantastic. From the St. George’s Cross and team colours to highlight goals for big games, to solid and moving colours for event lighting, to the corporate colours of our sponsor EE and charity partners. The lighting is transformational and exciting.”

Pat Holley, Senior Lighting Designer at Thorn, who helped to create the lighting design scheme throughout the project, explains: “The arch’s lighting system consists of a dynamic floodlight with red, green, blue and white LED chips. 50% of the LED chips are white and the remaining are equal quantities of red, green and blue. This will allow The Arch to have unlimited lighting effects – both dynamic or static – with colours and movement to suit events and occasions” Kevin Stubbs, UK Technical Manager, adds: “Importantly, Wembley wanted the new ‘whiter’ LED white to match the white achieved with the old metal halide system. We therefore had to tune the LED white to achieve this consistency.”

Wembley’s onsite specialist subcontractor, Hollandia – an expert in the access and maintenance needs of the arch – installed the new lighting comprising 228 RGBW LED floodlights. To speed up installation Thorn coordinated and designed a custom bracket to allow the existing fixings to be used. The heart of the new lighting solution is the controls system, designed by Thorn together with a partner which brings the endless possibilities the LED lighting installation provides to life.

Pitch lighting

408 Mundial 2KW floodlights light the stadium’s magnificent pitch and provide six switch levels including:

Maintenance/emergency concert
FA Class III
UEFA/Emergency TV broadcast
Mundial is a high power and performance floodlight for all sports applications and large area illumination. With a choice of lamp sizes it gives flexibility over lumen package, colour rendering index and colour temperature. The floodlights at Wembley achieve a switch level of 63 000 lux with an average vertical camera illuminance to camera of 2626 and uniformity of 0,7. Mundial’s rear access and automatic power interruption makes it easy to install and maintain.

Noel Whiffin, Key Account Manager at Thorn Lighting, explains how the lighting design for the pitch lighting demanded careful consideration: “A preliminary visit to the Wembley site showed that the trusses on the one side of the stadium to support the partially closing roof would create an obstruction to the floodlights. We therefore worked with our software partner Lighting Analysts, to create a full model of the gantry trusses to eliminate the need to move floodlights post-installation. The result was less than 5% obstruction to the floodlights and a fully FIFA compliant lighting design. The floodlights are mounted with two fixings – central bolt and retaining wire – and are mounted up to three floodlights high. To further eliminate obstruction of adjacent floodlights we assisted in the design of the headframes to prevent the beams from being obscured.”

Bowl lighting

Bowl lighting is used for all six pitch switch levels in different arrays using Troika 400W metal halide uplights and downlights.

Troika is an asymmetric ‘flat glass’ floodlight for 250-600W discharge lamps with an adjustable lampholder. It is ideal for sport applications and minimises light pollution & glare with excellent light output control. Each lamp option offers four different light distributions for flexibility and performance.The lighting for up/downlighting of the bowl the Troika floodlight is mounted on the inside of the gantry while the lighting for uplighting of the roof the Troika is mounted at the back of the upper level of the bowl. The bowl lighting includes multi-fed electrical supplies for emergencies.

Arch Custom RGBW LED floodlight
Pitch Mundial
Concourse, bowl Troika
Facade Contrast R
Perimeter Wall Via
Under bowl area Areaflood
Service Road and truck park Hipak Pro LED
Truck park Aquaforce LED
EE lounge Chalice
Entrance hall and reception desck Chalice LED



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