Swiss-based family-run company Moving Walls took home the Gold Award from Designers’ Saturday in their homeland.

The who’s who of Switzerland’s designer scene gathered in Langenthal, near Bern, for the industry’s largest event.

Moving Walls Ltd, along with designer Jörg Boner, took the opportunity to set the stage for their brand-new Moving Walls.

It’s a new generation of magnetic whiteboards, designed to encourage collaboration and creativity in modern working environments.

They were duly awarded a Gold Award by the international jury of Designers’ Saturday for their ‘work environment by design, not by default’ concept.

Digitisation continues to disrupt the workplace as we know it at breakneck speed. The calls for physical presence and face-to-face communication are growing louder.

Moving Walls and Mr Boner teamed up in 2007 to create a tool that encourages teams to come together, break down silos, visualise their thinking and to work collaboratively on problems.

They managed to create a highly functional, intuitive and easy-to-use tool that seamlessly blends into any environment.

They have sent prototypes around the globe several times for stress testing on all continents – to international conferences like the World Economic Forum and small businesses alike.

They have adapted the design to meet the needs and requirements of all work places. Designers’ Saturday was the first time anyone had ever laid eyes on the new Moving Walls.

Located inside a glass factory, 26 Moving Walls were set up in a seamless large circle, inviting visitors into a 360 degree canvas. The Moving Walls offer visualisation space on both sides.

The discreet, rounded profile finish hints at a surprising feature – connect the different sides of the walls to create a straight or curved configuration of extendable canvases.

Simple snaps enable the walls to be combined seamlessly and easily to create straight lines, curved plenums or even ‘serpentine’ canvases.

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