Zumtobel brings light to the tallest restaurant in Germany

From the valley to the restaurant of the summit, the tallest restaurant in Germany, the innovative light of the Zumtobel Company based in Vorarlberg is illuminated in the future in the Zugspitze.


The Zugspitze restaurant, which was newly built, was inaugurated on July 1st. Since then, the panoramic lights of this building are visible from afar on the Vierländereck, at 3,000 meters altitude. The concept of lighting was planned and implemented by Zumtobel, the world’s leading manufacturer of sustainable and customized lighting solutions.

The long established company with a long tradition in Dornbirn has already implemented the illumination of the Zugspitzplatt glacier train station in 2016. With the completion of work on the Panorama 2962, Zumtobel lighting solutions will point the way from the valley up to the upper station and further up to the summit restaurant of the highest mountain in Germany.

The color of the light inside the largely glazed rooms adapts exactly to use, regardless of whether the symposium or the night reception are in the program. For a pleasant and warm night atmosphere, the project also offers a warm, white and dim light.

After intensive testing, Zumtobel’s infinitely adjustable SLOTLIGHT lighting lines were perfect for the entrance area and the corridors.


Picture: ©Zumtobel

For further details about each of the featured products, as well as information about Zumtobel, and the projects they’ve worked on, visit their website www.zumtobel.com/com-en/

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