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Based in the heart of Cambridge UK, Pulsar develops and manufactures electronic control and lighting systems that provide the core of many hi-tech installations around the world. Pulsar’s philosophy is to create products that can be integrated intoas wide a range of design applications as possible, thus making the investment in our products a logical choice when taking into consideration the comparison of their functionality, together with a commitment to quality and customer service that is second to none.


Our History
Pulsar’s roots began way back in 1966, when founder Paul Mardon built his first Sound to Light machine using valves and relays before studying Engineering and Management at Cambridge University. In 1970 Pulsar Ltd was born with just a handful of staff, today Pulsarhas become a market leader, employing one hundred personnel all committed in working together to further develop Pulsar as a world renowned manufacturer of high-technology lighting equipment.

New Technologies
Throughout its history Pulsar has always embraced the latest developments in technology, and today is no exception. Recent developments in high-power LED devices have been harnessed by Pulsar to provide its customers with a substantial range of LED lighting products that are suitable for entertainment and architecture. As technology advances, you can be sure that Pulsar will continue to develop state-of-the-art lighting and control solutions.

Advanced Production
Our Cambridge UK factory translates the efforts of the research and development department into lighting control systems and products. Pulsar employs around 50 staff using advanced production technology, to manufacture units which are shipped to our network of distributors all over the world. Pulsar products go through rigorous test procedures which ensure that our products conform to the internationally recognised standards they are designed to meet. Once delivered to the client, Pulsar products have a long and trouble-free life.

Distributor Training
The successful use of our high technology products, require a highly trained distributor network. Pulsar has a comprehensive training program to equip our distributors and customers with the knowledge to translate client needs into a successful installation and excellent maintained lighting systems. Our comprehensive, equipped demonstration theatre is where a series of our monthly seminars take place which cover topics ranging from basic programming to programming of advanced automated lighting systems. Pulsar’s skills in CAD design is harnessed to aid distributors in making high level presentations to prospective clients and maintaining up to date accurate information for the instruction manuals which are to help assist installations, once projects are successfully completed.

Customer Support
Pulsar is committed in caring for its customers and ensuring that buying our products entitles them to achieve their maximum potential with the help of ourselves and our highly skilled distributor network. At Pulsar we believe in long and trusted business relationships with our distributors and customers from around the globe – we look forward in hearing from you soon.




Pulsar’s cutting-edge ChromaPower Line series luminaires are an amazingly bright range of linear fixtures that make a bold statement in any situation.

The ChromaPowerLine fixture is IP66 rated and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and comes in a range of powers to fit your application: 100W or 50W in a 1200mm body and 66W or 33W in an 800mm length. The fixture is powered directly from 100-277 Volts AC (100 Watts Max) and includes full DMX control of both total RGB levels and each 400mm segment of 16 LEDs (PowerLine 100/66 only) to allow for endless colour mixing possibilities. The fixtures also include numerous internal sequences that provide sophisticated operation without the need for an external control system.

This versatile fixture is ideal for architectural and entertainment projects, its range of sizes and powers making it suitable for nearly every space. It has an incredibly wide colour palette allowing the fixture to enhance architectural features such as alcoves, doorways, outlines, and structures, façades, fountains, and focal displays as well as providing stunning colour in shows, concerts and themed environments.




The powerful Eco-Range LED flood light has a build quality second to none and a light output to match. The powerful fixture is capable of producing 9,900+ lumens from its high power CREE LEDs and its unique electronics ensure a flicker-free light that stays on night after night. Manufactured in the UK from the latest and highest quality components, the Eco-Range Flood 130 is weather sealed to IP66* and features a 5 year warranty.

The Eco-Range Flood 130 can also be customised to suit your requirements. It has three beam angles and a range of colour temperatures to choose from (5000K Cool White as standard) with a CRI of 80. In addition to our stock Black, Silver, and White powder-coat finishes, each unit can be painted to match your specific RAL colour as well as printed with your logo or name on each unit.

The Eco-Range Flood 130 is especially designed to be a high quality, long lasting, reliable product with looks that won’t be out of place in any environment. The LED flood light is rated at 115 watts and is a suitable replacement for existing Metal Halide or Son/Sodium fittings. Its design is more than capable of complementing a high quality architectural design or any other kind of floodlighting area such as school and university campuses, walkways, car parks, industrial complexes or warehouses.

Its IP66 rating makes the Eco Range Flood 130 suitable for nearly any kind of outdoor installation (see below for details) and its 86+ lumen per watt efficiency qualifies the unit for the UK Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. The scheme enables businesses to write off the entire cost of purchasing the Flood 130 against their taxable profits in the same year, effectively reducing the cash “out of pocket” purchase and installation cost to businesses by up to 23%. The fixture is also CE marked and compliant with the RoHS directive.




Luxeos36 – A high performance 4 colour LED floodlight exceeding 10,000+ Lumens with Red, Green, Blue and White (80+ CRI) clusters of the latest Quad core LED technology, combined internally at source using the latest advanced optics producing perfect colour mixing.

With exceptional colour output and extensive customization options the Luxeos is well equipped to suit any application.

36 clusters of controllable Red, Green, Royal Blue and White giving a range of colours greater than the human eye can distinguish.?

Continuous, smooth current through the LEDs giving flicker-free, soothing light.

100,000+ hours of LED, component, and driver life.

Waterproof to IP66 so suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

A range of interchangeable lens plates allow for different beam angles in any application.




Manufactured in the UK from the latest and best components available, the Eco-Range LED UniBay features a 5 year warranty and an L70 life of 70,000 hours. The UniBay can also be configured with a range of alternative colour temperatures. The UniBay comes in a special AzkoNobel Silver powder coat finish with custom RAL colours available to suit your application available on request.

Developed to meet the needs of large-scale interior lighting, the Eco-Range UniBay is a reliable and highly efficient energy saving fixture, utilising only 130W and achieving an efficacy of 120+ lm/W. The units are more than suitable replacements for existing Metal Halide fittings because of the high efficacy and minimal maintenance requirements – only depreciating to 70% brightness after 16 years (at 12 hours per day).

The fixture comes built with eye-bolts for ceiling hanging and the long life and high CRI of this LED high bay makes it perfect for a range of interior warehouse, factory, sports halls, retail, hangars or distribution centres where bright high quality light is required.




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