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Neon lights and signs are traditionally associated with shops, bars and restaurants, but are now becoming increasingly popular as a form of statement lighting for homes and businesses alike. They are a way of bringing originality and personality to virtually any interior space.


Neon Creations are specialists in creating unique one-off pieces of custom made neon artwork, offering recreations of logo’s, brand names, and even favourite sayings. A truly unique piece of neon lighting is to actually recreate a person’s own handwriting.

We are able to recreate most things in neon, be it text or outlines of shapes such as birds, hearts or simple shapes. As we communicate closely with our clients, we are able to advise early on in the process the feasibility of a particular idea, and offer advice to ensure that the finished neon lighting matches the original idea as closely as possible.

With a spectrum of colours to choose from, you can be assured that you will find the colour to suit your individual space, creating a funky modern appearance in your interior.

Our team is passionate about making neon lighting – it is not just a job to us. With all design and manufacture undertaken in-house in our UK workshop, we are able to offer assurances of high quality materials and workmanship.



Interior and exterior architectural lighting is used extensively in hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, bars and commercial buildings, where a glow effect is required to accentuate certain architectural features. If you are working on a project requiring cold cathode lighting, then we are able to manufacture the tubes to your specification. We are able to supply the tubes, along with transformers, and the necessary fixing components. We don’t offer an installation service directly, but can provide contact details for installers of cold cathode architectural lighting in certain areas of the country.

Architectural lighting can be used in both commercial and domestic applications.




Our custom made neon signs and lights can be produced for many different end uses, both commercial and domestic.

Most of our custom made neon signs are supplied ready to hang either from chain, or directly on the wall, and they simply plug in to a mains plug socket. They are either fully encased in an acrylic box, or mounted onto an acrylic panel. Some neon signs do require specialist installation. This is something we can advise on when you contact us with your specification.

We are happy to work with you on your own specific design or logo, or we can design something for you if you give us a brief outline of what you are looking for.

Our range of vinyls can add depth to your neon sign. These are available in plain colours, metallic finishes, and holographic effects.

If you are looking to make your neon sign stand out even more, a simple but effective way to enhance the overall look of your neon sign is by adding an acrylic frame around the outside. We have a wide range of colours and finishes of acrylic available.

As our custom made neon signs are manufactured exactly to your size and specification, we don’t have a standard price list. As a guideline prices start from around £300 (ex VAT and delivery), but please note that our prices are worked out according to overall size, font used, and colour, so this would be for a sign with approx 3 to 4 small letters.




The use of neon lighting for art projects has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly with the likes of Tracey Emin using neon in many of her projects.

We work closely with artists who want to translate their ideas into neon, and are able to advise on what is and isn’t possible to replicate in neon.

As we love to use neon in creative ways, we like to develop our own ideas to produce our own individual pieces of neon art.

Please take a look at some examples of neon artwork that we have produced.




If you’re looking for an unusual product with the WOW factor, then our neon infinity boxes are the perfect product for you.

Taking neon to a different dimension, our infinity boxes offer a high visual impact, giving the illusion of the neon shape going on and on and on…..
As with all of our custom made neon signs, there are a wide range of colours available to choose from.

These neon infinity boxes look great mounted directly onto the wall, and make really unique gifts, offering a talking point in anyone’s home. They would also make a really great feature in a bar or nightclub, or even in a reception area or office.

Prices start from around £500 (ex VAT and delivery) for an overall size of 500mm x 500mm, but please contact us and we would be happy to quote you for your specific requirements. Please take a look at neon infinity boxes we have previously made.




An exciting and unique addition to our range of neon products, are our Neon On Print designs. These are supplied as individual units ready to hang on the wall and plug in to a mains plug socket.

These neon art pieces consist of a printed background, with neon fitted in front of the print.

These can either be bought off the shelf or you can have a custom made design based on your choice of background. This could be a photograph that is personal to you, with your own choice of neon text, or simply some artwork that you like that you want enhancing with neon.

Please take a look at some examples of previous work that we have produced.




We are able to offer the supply of neon only, for projects where no backing panel or acrylic case is required for the neon sign, or where clients wish to source their own backing panel.

In these instances we supply the neon sections, tube supports, end caps, HT cable and transformers, as separate components.

Internal neon signs that are more than 100Watts of illumination, and most external neon signs will require specialist installation. We are able to supply the neon pre-assembled into a case or onto a panel if required, and supply the transformers separately.

We always strongly advise that in both of these situations the neon is installed by an electrician with neon knowledge or a neon sign installer, and in accordance with the latest IEE Wiring Regulations.

We are able to offer contact details of neon sign installers in certain areas of the country.




Our Ultra Violet neon light is a completely unrivalled product. Unlike standard UV lamps (or blacklights) that come in straight tubes, the UV neon tubing can be bent into shapes or words, as with traditional neon tubing.

Traditional UV lamps are commonly sold to create stunning lighting effects in the entertainment industry.

Whilst the UV neon light doesn’t produce a vivid light source as with traditional neon colours, the light it gives out makes anything near it that is white or fluorescent glow brilliantly in the dark. When used in combination with fluorescent paints, vinyls or other materials, striking effects can be achieved. This can be particularly effective in bars and nightclubs, or even as an unusual art piece in the home.

Please talk to us about your own ideas, or we can design something for you. For inspiration take a look at previous work.


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