Holloways of Ludlow

They’ve been a premium brand and a market-leading company since 1985. Holloways of Ludlow specialise in the unique, individual lighting which brings something incredibly fresh to each project that they provide lighting solutions to. With over thirty years of experience the team are always happy to help you with your project planning, whether you want to discuss a specific product, range, or suitable fitting. Furthermore, their delivery is fast and efficient, meaning you’ll be happier quicker.

Some of the product ranges which display the complete variety of aesthetics and suitability includes the Jieldé – a seemingly robotic arm in a 50s futuristic style, offering flexible light in so many bright, gorgeous colours and fittings (both pendant hanging, floor and desk lamp). The slick black floor lamp would be the perfect accompaniment to the red pendent light shade, although as mentioned, the lights come in a huge variety of colours.

Another of Holloways’ extensive range includes the Alchemist Collection: glass boxes which contain an LED filament bulb, perfect for those projects which require a blend of modern and industrialised aesthetics. Each of the products in the Alchemist Collection can be pendent mounted, wall hung, and placed as a small lamp. Each product when displayed differently can be interpreted in different ways: as a lamp, the bulb becomes a centrepiece – a subject in a glass case, in a pendent light, the product appears to be in an old curiosity shop, finally the wall lights seem to be light taps which fill up the glass box like the room that they’re placed inside.

Finally, the product range which enhances the idea of variety is the Atom Pendant, a light fitting unlike any others. This lighting set would act as the perfect centre piece to any room, whether using opal or clear glass, and has the advantage of being dimmable for those moments when you need to bring the lights down low.




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Holloways of Ludlow, 4 Coder Road Ludlow, SY8 1XE

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