Häfele is an internationally trusted supplier and manufacturer of furniture fittings, architectural hardware, ironmongery, lighting and more to the trade. With 37 subsidiaries internationally, Häfele is expertly positioned to manufacture, develop and source solutions from across the globe and distribute them to 150 countries.

Häfele offers one of the most extensive ranges of solutions in the industry, with a range of over 25,000 specialist products from hinges, handles and door furniture to storage solutions, sliding door systems and lighting, all available to order for next day delivery.

Häfele is recognised as a leading hardware manufacturer due to their quality of product and expertise in the industry. Häfele manufacture eight own brand ranges across the furniture fittings spectrum, including Loox, IxConnect, Slido, Dialock. The Häfele Lifetime Guarantee, available across six of the Own Brand ranges, demonstrates the specialists’ confidence the quality, function and design of the solutions in these ranges.

In addition to manufacturing products, Häfele is proud to partner with leading manufacturers from around the world, to offer their customers only the best quality products at the best value. Exceptional quality and superior performance are at the heart of Häfele and partnering with brands who share these core values, means that customers are provided with only the finest products.

90 years after its founding, the Häfele family business is a worldwide leader in the furniture fittings and architectural hardware industry, as well as in electronic access control systems. Around the world, Häfele employs more than 6,000 employees and has 37 subsidiaries, as well as many additional dealerships throughout the world.

So, how do you say Häfele?

Häfele was founded and is headquartered in Germany, so there tend to be different pronunciations of the name all over the world. In the UK, the name is pronounced as ‘hay-fur-lee’. However you say it, what really matters is that the name still carries the core values for quality of product and expertise in the industry

How Do You Say Häfele

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