A staircase business based in North Yorkshire like no other. A brand which not only has a quality which beats all competition, but is bespoke, made to measure, and is completely designed to fit the client’s needs. Started in 1994 by Richard McLane, the company works with skilled craftsmen who deliver the highest quality of work. What makes them special is, in their words, “we start with a blank sheet and build the project up from there”. When Richard first started the company he used brass, iron, steel, copper and aluminum to craft the products, thus, the name is an acronym born from these materials. BISCA admits that since starting, their material list has expanded to include glass, stone, timber, and many more. It’s clear that the company haven’t lost their connection to their beginnings and have instead built on it to create something incredibly special. Every staircase that is commissioned is built three times: once in digital 3D, once in the workshop, and finally assembled in the client’s chosen space. BISCA makes it clear that it is only when the client is 100% happy with each step does it move onto the next one. This willingness to venture into the seemingly unknown while making sure everything is exactly as it should be, and the customer is completely satisfied is why the company are rated so highly - often regarded as making the best staircases in the world. This expert craftmanship and top customer service sees BISCA regularly feature in premium interior design projects, as well as feature magazines that showcase the highest end of the design world. The staircases themselves really are something to be admired – the blend of materials, clean lines and luxurious appearance make them suitable for an incredibly varied, wide range of projects. The name BISCA comes from the materials our founder and design director, Richard McLane, used in his early days: brass, iron, steel, copper, and aluminium. A blacksmith by trade, Richard founded BISCA in 1994. After a chance encounter at a 100% Design exhibition, a property developer who was impressed by Richard’s creativity and workmanship asked him if he could design and build him a staircase. Fast forward more than 30 years and BISCA now has an enviable reputation for creating beautiful, handcrafted and high quality commissions from its design studio and workshop of gifted craftsmen based on the North Yorkshire moors. The team uses a wide portfolio of materials including bronze, stone, timber, and glass, besides those that made the BISCA name; figuratively and metaphorically. Although BISCA enjoys one-off architectural commissions, the focus remains on staircase and balustrade design.

Where and how we work

Our work in the UK spans from Devon to Orkney, whilst most recently we've worked with clients across the globe, including Sweden, Nigeria, Russia and Dubai. Wherever our customers are in the world, we work closely with them and their project teams from design concept to installation. Every customer has a dedicated designer to personally handle each project, and they remain in close contact at all times, not standing down until the installation team leaves site. To ensure a smooth installation, the craftsmen who build each staircase in our workshop are the ones who install it. We never subcontract installation, which means we are 100% dedicated to each project to guarantee quality and satisfaction while minimising disruption. We aim to always exceed our customers’ expectations. This comes from our legendary attention to detail that’s evident in everything we do.

Our design and build process

It’s extremely important to us that every staircase or balustrade we design is timeless and totally integrates into the character of the building, be it a commercial premises, a residential property or within an area of architectural heritage.
“The measure of a great staircase or balustrade is one that fits its environment and completely integrates into the character of your property regardless of period”
Never underestimate the value of design; only 60% of a typical staircase design is about the staircase itself - the other 40% is about how it ‘works’ within its surroundings. We build every commission three times. Initially in 3D using the best parametric, feature-based, solid modelling software available; secondly in our workshop and, finally on site. Throughout the design process, we keep in regular contact with our customers, seeking their input and approval as the commission progresses. They are welcome to visit our design studio at any time. We then move on to building a full-size prototype in our workshop, before the final build at installation. At the end of each project stage we seek feedback and approval from clients; only when they are 100% satisfied does the project move forwards. We’re confident that every finished product will be flawless and will withstand the closest inspection.  

Our awards and accreditations




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