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So, you’ve come up against a lighting design challenge. It isn’t uncommon in the lighting interiors world but how you solve the problem is exactly what makes our showcase brands so unique.


With the UK’s lighting industry being worth over £2.5 billion, we ask what significant challenges our showcased brands have solved and how their solutions made them stand out from the crowd:

To find the answers to these questions and more, we suggest the Lighting Solutions page, where you’ll find full details on all our featured solutions.  About the showcase, Lighting Interiors Online CEO, Terry Moutter says:

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how our clients have solved lighting challenges using their unique products. We promote their problem-solving attitude to ensure people know the quality of their products.”

P4’s introduction of the M-WEB FWSD – Emergency Lighting Monitoring

Within a fast-paced hospital or busy shopping centre, emergencies of all nature must be planned for. If for any reason the main lights within one of these buildings should fail, it is imperative that a backup system is in place for the safe evacuation of all those inside. But how, in places which are sometimes 24-hour can they be tested safely and efficiently? P4 Shot to the scene in 2015 with their self-testing emergency lighting and within their lighting solutions piece, we introduced the M-WEB FWSD. With its tough-screen display, the life-saving product can monitor and control over 15,000 emergency lighting luminaires. Read more about their fantastic new product here:


SIMES – The Compact Spotlight which every venue needs!

Anyone who has worked in showbusiness, music, or simply stage performance knows the necessity of positive lighting which doesn’t distract the audience from the magic happening in front of them. With the introduction of the Round Stage Spot and the Mini Round Stage Spot, those days of constantly moving your head to look around the dominating pieces of lighting equipment are over.  We discovered that its sophisticated design was inspired by Denmark’s Holscher Design Studio and the product was exactly what the industry needed – high luminous emission and comfortable optics. This compact spotlight will steal the show!


Find out more at:

Zico’s Solution to efficiency and aesthetics


When it comes to using bulbs, the challenge arises when finding the perfect balance of appearance suitability and efficient design which the London company have brought their hallmark solution. Zico works with architects, interior designers, and those specialising in light to craft practical, but gorgeous products. Using LED filament technology, the warm light cast from their products create a welcoming environment.

Other clients who benefit from our Lighting Solutions showcase include: Holloway’s, Photonic, Principal, Ansell, Thorn, and Guzzini. We love showcasing all our wonderful clients, so why not join in the conversation through our social media channels:



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