Zico Lighting Provides Products for the Most Prestigious Venues, here’s why:


Zico Lighting provide warm, vintage-looking, efficient lightbulbs to some of the most exciting projects around the UK and worldwide. Their most recent work? The freshly rejuvenated Annabelle’s of London, where the highest in society hang out, within the Georgian decorated walls and now, soaked in the glorious Zico lighting.


Proud to provide warm, welcoming light, Zico offer the best light bulbs to ensure a high quality is kept when used in any interior lighting project.



The company responsible for this renovation was Martin Brudnizki Design Studio who decided to use Zico’s premium products in their vintage, dimmable LED lamps.


At the members-only club, amongst all the luxury, visitors are treated to a nightclub in the basement, a cigar room, restaurant and bar, all decorated gaudily with gold leaf in the historic building. But while the well heeled dine and party at Annabelle’s (no trainers after six PM), Zico has also worked with a huge number of clients, including:

– The Ivy
– The Cabinet Office
– Bae Systems
– Museum of London
– Claridges
– The Bloomsbury Hotel

All venues wanted smooth-dimming products which would make visitors feel comfortable and relaxed within the establishment, as well as creating light which is optimum for reading and focus.



So next time you’re sitting in a premium hospitality venue and you take and you spot the warm, beautiful lightbulbs in front of you, you may be wondering whether they’re provided by Zico, and you might be right.


And remember, it’s free delivery on all orders over £50


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