Zencontrol Shortlisted for Lighting Award


We gave you our guide to the Clerkenwell Design Week, we thought you’d like to know about another event in the next few weeks.


What are you doing on the 24th May 2018? That’s right, it’s the Electrical Review Excellence Awards 2018. It’s the night of the year where key figures from the interior design project world come together to commemorate and award prestigious accolades to groups and companies that have achieved more, pushed higher, and gone further than anyone else in their industry. This year, Zencontrol have been shortlisted for an award in the category of lighting and they’re incredibly pleased.



The awards ceremony is to be held in the classic art-deco ballroom of The Dorchester, London Mayfair. Each entrance to the awards was expected to demonstrate forward, innovative thinking as well as championing the highest in safety, environmental, and energy efficient standards. When visiting Zencontrol’s online exhibition on our site, viewers can see why their use of daylight harvesting, circadian rhythm, and event-based logic technology has found themselves at the awards evening.

The judges are a group of learnéd professionals and scholars who know exactly what it is that should be looked for when deciding the winners of each category. Among the names on the panel, there are four which you might recognise.

– Professor Ian F Bitterlin, consulting engineer & visiting professor of University of Leeds

– Jon Belfield, the president of The Building Controls Industry Association

– Elinor Mackay, editor of Electrical Review

– Peter Hunt, president of Lighting Europe


About entering into the competition for whichever category the award ambassadors say:

“Scale of the project is not a factor in the judging process. Our Judges want to see examples of innovation, smart thinking, clever design, collaborative problem solving and other qualities that deserve recognition – no matter if it’s in a small commercial property, or an international airport.”



We wish our friends over at Zencontrol the very best of luck for the awards ceremony and will be awaiting the results with much anticipation.

About the award, the company say:

“It’s good to see Zencontrol being recognised again for leading the way in Lighting Controls. Fingers crossed for the big night.”

For more information about Zencontrol, their products, and why they’ve been shortlisted for such a prestigious award, visit their website:


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