Why now is the time to change to enlightenment LED?

Albert Einstein once said ” Darkness does not exist, darkness is really an absence of light.” Since Edison invented the light bulb, the world has shone with another colour, and since then, many technological advances have accelerated the evolution of how we understand and consume light day by day.

We knew it would come when the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, recently announced a global change to 100% LED lighting, which will put an end to the sale of halogen compact fluorescent light bulbs and low consumption. More importantly, this movement sends a loud and clear message to all commercial companies (and even owners) that the day has come for us to abandon the past and fully adopt light-emitting diodes (LEDs). While many of us had moments of “price shock” with LEDs only three years ago, their quality and cost have come a long way to finally reach a turning point, and now is the right time to make the change.

Why do you need to make the switch to LED lighting?

Its recent increase in popularity may suggest that these low-energy bulbs are a new technology. They have existed since 1962, Nick Holonyak Jr. invented this technology that changed the game when he was only 33 years old. Fun fact, I was actually trying to make a laser. Happy accident, right?


Now LEDs are used everywhere technology around us.


They are commonly used in traffic lights, vehicle brake lights, parking lots and on flat screen televisions. In addition, you have probably seen LEDs used to create amazing effects in concerts or to illuminate a sports stadium.


LED bulbs last much longer than alternatives

Perhaps the best advantage of LED bulbs is that they last much longer than incandescent or CFL lights. In fact, the quality LEDs last 25,000 hours or more. That’s great 25 times more than the alternatives.


This is true no matter how long you leave them activated. If I wanted, I could leave a LED bulb on 24 hours a day and it would last three years.


LED bulbs are not affected by the frequency with which you turn them on or off. You may know that this has a cost on alternative bulbs. In fact, you are shortening your life expectancy every time you press the switch!


Do not you want to be able to use your lights without feeling like you’re wasting energy every time you turn them on?


Better control of your light

LEDs create whiter whites and colours that are more real than other light bulb technologies. Since they project their light more specifically, you also have a better control of exactly what you want to light. In addition, almost all models are compatible with dimmer switches, so you can set the mood and energy of each room with ease.


LED lights are significantly safer

LED bulbs are safer for many reasons, one of them is the solidity of the materials used to make them.


For example, the use of fragile glass in old bulbs has been replaced by resistant plastics in LEDs. This is possible because LEDs produce much less heat, among other reasons.


In addition, you may have noticed that fluorescents cause eye fatigue and headaches. This is due to the type of light, the constant flicker and the annoying “buzz” of fluorescents. The type of light emitted by LEDs and their constant performance, free of flickering and buzzing, is safer for your health.


In addition, the LEDs are much more flattering, avoiding the greenish and washed-out appearance produced by fluorescents.


Save money

LED bulbs save you money, a lot of that. LED technology uses less energy and has a longer lifespan than alternatives, which means it has to be replaced less frequently. Also, since LEDs last approximately 8 times longer than fluorescents, you are saving the purchase price of new bulbs 8 times!


Produces light, not heat and noise

Have you ever noticed the buzz of traditional light bulbs? Or the heat emitted by them?


Well, did you notice that those are  a waste of energy? LED bulbs use much more energy producing light and comparatively very little production of heat and noise.


In fact, LED bulbs have 80-90% energy efficiency. Compared to the mere efficiency of 20% of incandescent bulbs, the choice is clear.


The best choice for LED bulbs is Zico Lighting


As a part of the LED bulb story we would like to introduce the perfect company who can fulfil all your needs.


LED filament lamps are Zico’s speciality and are made with the latest components, to provide a strong but low energy output. The Company, based in London and Hong Kong, provides innovative lamps for their clients, with a range of tailored choices and solutions.


Their luminaries boast superior light quality, smooth dimming features and reliability, underpinned by a three-year warranty on most items.

They are of classic design and look great in everywhere from five-star hotels, fine dining restaurants or in the home, as they are available to the consumer market.


Zico Lighting used the latest LED filament technology, miniaturized SMD-LED-chips and high-tech carrier-material now permit the assembly of Chip on Glass LED filaments (COG) with high luminous intensity, warm colour and highest colour rendering, that just look like tungsten filaments. LED filaments are produced using the best materials available. Also, another advantage of the special circuit concept is the low flicker rate, also in dimmed state, so “stroboscopic effects” can be certainly avoided.


Let us introduce you the feature products from Zico Lighting:

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