Vintage Led Light bulbs to transform your interior

The Zico Lighting brand was created to offer a premium quality product for interior designers and lighting designers who needed to find a quality product range to offer their clients. These designers were having difficulty finding a brand that offered the quality of light with the warmth and aesthetics the hospitality market requires.


The domestic market fed up with poor quality ‘white’ LED lamps can now choose  from the exciting range of ZICO LIGHTING to solve all their needs  as they are always    looking for something different, well with Zico they can achieve this with  a  traditional look and feel of  classical design and  smooth dimming  products unlike other market value brands, plus a LED bulb with no flickering or visible pulse that it is available to the consumer market. Consequently, a beautiful lamp with a premium and reliable quality.

Therefore  Zico lighting, is a brand which prides themselves on their beautiful, traditional-looking LED bulbs and make sure that the dimming you experience with their products is smooth and reliable –  and always setting the tone just right. Allow us to introduce you to the Golfball G45 and the Pigmy ST26.

Golfball G45 4W E27 2200K

Golfball G45 4W E27 2200K

Pigmy ST26 1.5W B15 2600K

The vintage lights such as filament bulbs are in fact decorative bulbs and their beauty resides in the simplicity of their form. We have always resorted to lamps to decorate or to impress character and personality to an environment, but when we prefer not to ornament in excess, filament bulbs are able to decorate the space themselves..

These bulbs are the perfect mix of design and functionality. Architects and designers seek the symmetry between aesthetics and utility in these bulbs that work with LED technology. One of the advantages of these bulbs is that, unlike conventional LEDs, filament bulbs transmit light in all directions. Therefore, they are ideal for table lamps and lamps that must project light in about 320 degrees of equal light and 40 degrees of a lesser light.

Another advantage is that they transmit light constantly and without flickering, making it much more comfortable and healthy for our eyes.

Warm temperature filament bulbs are ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere. For restaurants, shops and homes, these light bulbs are perfect for vintage-style fixtures in which the most modern and futuristic LED lighting would be out of place.

Filament bulbs also fit decorating styles such as Art Noveau, Victorian style, retro .plus they emit a very warm light that becomes a decorative effect with a lot of personality and helps create a light similar to that emitted by candles .


So for all your creative needs choose ZICO lighting by going to their website  at

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