UNStudio will design the highest tower in Australia

Beulah International has chosen the design proposal of UNStudio to create the highest tower in Australia. The project that has been selected as the winning design is called Southbank by Beulah, a mixed use tower of more than 2 billion dollars that will be the highest in Australia, located in the heart of Melbourne.


UNStudio was founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos and it is an international architectural design network with three full-service international offices in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Shanghai. They specialise in architecture, interior architecture, product design, urban development and infrastructural projects.


The Green Spine is designed to generate public flows and movement and offer multiple benefits throughout the design. Beulah International Executive Director Adelene Teh: “The Green Spine showed work by a strong, multidisciplinary collaborative team that is a bold, yet thoroughly considered approach to creating a context driven landmark as an addition to Melbourne’s skyline. In its details, the scheme displays a strong intent for well-considered public and private amenity, and at street level, the proposal displays qualities that will truly transform the public realm by eroding the hard edges that is prevalent in Southbank.”


Ben van Berkel: “We are truly delighted that our design has been selected as the winning proposal for this very exciting project! For our proposal to be selected by Beulah – such a forward-focussed developer – and from entries by such an exceptional group of our peers is a true honour. From the outset we worked with a fantastic team of cultural placemakers, sustainability consultants, landscape designers, artists and engineers to achieve a fully integrated design. This truly is a great result for everybody involved!”.


‘Green Spine’ – A city within a city, by UNStudio


The UNStudio design proposal for Southbank by Beulah aims to establish a new destination for the Southbank and Melbourne area. The proposal is organized integrally by a Great Detail: a “Green Column” of platforms, terraces and terraces in vertical network.


This multi-faceted spine is created by the open division of the potential single mass at its core, thus forming two separate high-rise structures and causing them to reveal the almost geological strata of their central layers as they rise above a full canyon of light.


As a result of this design intervention, the towers that emerge on either side can enjoy porous views of the city and much improved contextual links, while residences, offices and the hotel benefit from increased natural light and access to outdoor spaces.


The orientation of Green Spine allows an extension of the public domain on the podium, the continuation of the green in the towers and facilitates the orientation towards the CBD and the Botanical Garden at the top of the towers.


The tallest of the two towers will be completely residential and will reach a height of 356.2 meters. This tower will house a garden with public access at the top. The lower tower will house a hotel and a commercial space and will reach a maximum height of 252.2 meters.


In addition to being fully integrated within Melbourne’s existing network of cultural, entertainment, leisure and commercial venues, with its variety of programs and connectivity, the design proposes a mixed-use building that is a city in itself.

For further information about this project or more about UNStudio, please check out: https://www.unstudio.com

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