Apartments are often difficult environments to be acoustically comfortable given the effect of hard surfaces and surrounding neighbours.

When located in a city, the problem is often magnified. One city dweller discovered just this problem when his family moved from the USA.

The property was light and spacious and offered many interesting details, such as skylights in the sloping ceilings and floor to ceiling high bay windows.

However, it was soon obvious that the apartment was far from ideal, particularly as the owner’s hearing problem was greatly exacerbated by poor acoustics.

This made him unable to use the living room unless he was wearing earplugs.

The solution was to install on the ceiling four floating clouds with Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels which absorb the high frequencies before they bounce around the large room.

The way in which they have been arranged is both functionally and aesthetically sensitive. An interesting aspect is new artwork on the walls, using the same fine textured acoustic panels with customer selected motifs.

These not only add an interesting decorative element to the room but also subtly increase sound absorption.

Troldtekt natural wood wool ceiling panels are widely specified throughout Europe in a range of modern buildings as well as for refurbishing interiors.

They create a visually attractive and tactile textured surface which has superior acoustic performance and can incorporate different forms of lighting and speakers.

They also offer a host of benefits such as durability and natural breathability coupled with sustainability as documented by Cradle to Cradle certification at silver level.

Apart from housing, they are used to improve acoustics in many different projects, such as schools, leisure centres, pools, commercial and public buildings.

Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour.

Troldtekt have manufactured acoustic panels from natural materials, wood and cement since 1935.

The award-winning company believe that acoustic comfort and a healthy indoor climate are key elements of high-quality buildings.

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