Transform Lighting as You Know It with OCTO.

Digital technology is transforming the way we live our lives and the lighting industry have taken note and are launching new and exiting ways to enable the use of connected technology in our homes.

An integral part of any home, lighting performs many functions from general task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, ambient lighting to enhance interior design or floodlighting for security and peace of mind. By adding a connected element and integrating the whole of your home lighting onto one connected system, you will be able to control and monitor your surroundings.



OCTO is a revolutionary smart lighting system, designed to make you rethink the way you use luminaires in your home. With state of the art Bluetooth technology, OCTO offers the ultimate lighting experience, letting the user create numerous scenes and animations that can be timed to wake you in the morning, send you off to sleep at night, dimmed for parties or, with its with its calendar and timer functionality,  even give the appearance that someone is at home while your on holiday.


 Imagine a driveway that illuminates automatically when you return home on a dark evening, kitchen lighting that brightens during food preparation and dims for relaxing meal times, and bedrooms that are only lit when they are occupied… all controlled via an intuitive, easy to use app on your smart device.
All products in the OCTO smart lighting range communicate with each other flawlessly, forming a Bluetooth mesh that enables you to control all OCTO powered devices throughout your home.

And this technology is not restricted to interior spaces alone. You can also install OCTO devices outside, transforming al-fresco dining with intelligent features that allow you to alter colour temperature and dim brightness to create the perfect atmosphere.



OCTO is an ecosystem of products that all work seamlessly together. With a product range the comprises indoor and outdoor controllers, smart lamps and a variety of switches and sensors, OCTO is set to revolutionise the way we use lighting.


The OCTO System enables complete control of the lighting within your home, the perfect tool for dimming room lighting, controlling the garden lighting from the comfort of your patio or even setting low-level lighting in the bathroom for those late night visits. OCTO allows the user to create lighting scenes, set timers and even control their lighting from images of the spaces around them.


Paired with great lighting design, OCTO can enhance the aesthetics of your home, lighting key features such as paintings of furniture, and allowing mixtures of warm and cool white light to add to the ambience.


The settings can be configured to switch lighting on or off at certain times and for a specific duration. Great if your away on holiday but want it to look like no-one is home. By integrating OCTO’s motion sensors into the system, the user can programme their lighting to react to various occurrences, triggering the lighting to come on if movement is detected outside. It can also be used in energy saving by only lighting an area when they detect motion, meaning the lights will automatically turn off if no-one is in that area.


The customizable programming allows the user to create lighting patterns that fit their lifestyle, from highlighting cooking activities in the kitchen to creating subtle lighting scenes in the living room for movie night, all from the touch of a button on your phone.


The OCTO lighting app is loaded with helpful content to ensure users get the most from the OCTO connected lighting solution. With videos, helpful guides, inspiration and a dedicated area for installers, it is the perfect tool to assist in the set up and control of the OCTO system.


  • Easy to use, wireless controllable lighting system
  • Intuitive operation and set-up via a smart device
  • No need for an external gateway device
  • Automatically forms a fast-wireless mesh network
  • OCTO powered by Casambi devices can be added
  • Device firmware can be updated over the air
  • Cloud services enhances user experience
  • Smart lighting control switches can be easily added



To find out more about the OCTO Lighting Solution, go to OCTO Lighting.







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