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Efficiency remains the ethos of Timage and they can demonstrate how to bring LED lighting to the water.

Their products continue to supply a large and diverse range of boat builders and chandlers in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

They have branched out to provide goods for residential, hotel and restaurant projects, using a range carefully selected from a hand-picked group of Italian partners.

Expansion has taken them into construction and design, too, so clients can call upon application and development experience rather than just a catalogue.

From 1978 when they were established, brass and chromium plated fittings and lighting have long been Timage’s trademark, but the company now offer so much more.

Deck bathroom fittings, door and cupboard fittings, door furniture and a large range of low voltage LED lighting are all in their remit.

LED is fast moving and game changing technology within the lighting industry, as a genuine equivalent to traditional sources, as conventional lighting becomes increasingly phased out.

The power they are capable of is comparable to 50 Watt Halogen and even 35 Watt Metal Halide bulbs and is getting stronger all of the time.

Such systems can mean huge savings, in comparison, and switching to low energy bulbs is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions.

LED lighting on the water makes even more sense, with the ability to save a significant amount of battery and generator drain.

Effective LEDs have a life span of up to 50,000 hours, but it’s benefits can be reduced if the components are not specified to suit the vessel.

LED lights have intricate components with integrated electronics, but Timage can help each customer make their on-board systems simple and efficient.

They specialise in interior, exterior, underwater and sea vision lighting with an array of products, that can be tailored to suit. They can illuminate a boat name through LED.

Check out to see what they can do for you or call them on 01376 343 087. Alternatively, email

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