Oliver Lanza, CEO of Timage, explains that his firm has gradually shifted from being fully dedicated to the marine industry into full-time innovators of highly advance architectural design that also practical and very long-lasting.

High standards and efficiency characterise Timage, one of the U.K.’s largest and most dependable suppliers to boat builders and chandlers throughout the UK and worldwide.

Oliver highlights, however, that the quality and beauty in design and multifunctionality is now a growing trend in homes and businesses, especially those in hospitality.

Oliver highlights, however, that the quality and beauty in design and multifunctionality is now a growing trend in homes and businesses, especially those in hospitality.

The Lanza’s have generations of knowledge that enable them to identify the need for a better product and envisage and source the solution.

For decades, Timage has been renowned for the quality of its brass and chromium plated fittings and lighting.

Timage also supplies deck and bathroom fittings, door and cupboard fittings, door furniture and a large range of low voltage lighting including LED lights.

Timage has expanded and is now also focusing on bringing all the benefits of specific boating supplies and ideas to homes and businesses.

These are more than we imagine in spite of the obvious. Space is key on boats, ships and yachts so multifunctionality is essential. The harsh environment of any sea calls for materials that will last a lifetime.

“Multifunctionalism, for example, is one of the yachting’s industry hugest contributions to normal, everyday interior and exterior design.

“Today, this concept has become a huge trend and is being applied everywhere,” Mr Lanza says.

It makes sense to use the same materials boats use in the construction of homes and the manufacturing of everything you use in homes, hotels, offices and other businesses because they are made to resist the harsher environment of the sea.

“Architects and people who get involved in designing their own homes are resorting more and more to “multifunctionalism.”

It’s very important to make the most out every space, something that has for many decades been exclusively thought out for boats.

Mr Lanza gave examples of very sought-after “multifunctionalism” concepts. One is the dining room table on a yacht which with a touch of bottom turns into an extra bed.

This has been used in many different ways such as converting a tea table into a dining room table.

Another one is the portable shower which is now being widely used at hotels to provide showers poolside or on the beach at any given time.

“People with homes that have pools or beach fronts are increasingly demanding the removable or portable shower. Same goes with hotels. This is a new product that has swept its way into the market.”

Not too romantic? Well, that’s Oliver’s opinion when asked how his family became involved in the boating business.

“It’s not a romantic story,” he says. But in fact it is very romantic.


Picture yourself on a hill top out in the old country of northern Italy. And from there, you see the following.

In 1943, his father Giorgio was born in this quite romantic little old town on a Lake Iseo, miles to the northeast of Milan and some more miles south of the border with Switzerland.

Back then it was a fishermen’s town — today touristic — and also there was Riva, “the Rolls Royce of boats”, and many who worked there learned their craft well and moved on to producing themselves boating accessories and articles of the highest standards.

“And when my father Giorgio came to London in the 1960s he soon realised there was a huge market for boating products and materials, so he began importing these from his hometown.”

LED lighting and design is big, presently and has a bright future ahead but don’t be surprised to learn that it has been widely used in boats for about 15 years.

The reason is pretty obvious: LED lighting consumes way less energy, it’s more practical and its end result is usually more astonishing than conventional lighting.

Oliver and his brother Marcus Domenico have ensured that Timage is constantly renovating themselves and innovating professionally constantly delighting us with new products.

As recently as past November, Timage began launching several new products, including a new range of teak director’s chairs that essentially are a new take on the classic folding director’s chair constructed in solid teak.

They are made in Italy from Christian Grande Design and are available in different fabrics.

“Aimed at the higher end of the market, these chairs are beautifully made from the finest materials,” says Oliver.

He adds that Rockford Fosgate continues to develop new products with its new marine grade audio systems. The range now includes a true four-zone hide-away media box for functionality and flexibility.

Also new in 2017 is a new range of 316 stainless steel swim ladders. The ladders are available with or without iroko steps.

The 316 stainless steel was originally only used in the marine industry due to it’s incomparable resilience to corrosives.

This steel is also being more widely used in the non-marine industry. And it combines beatifully with leather for a finish you will cherish a lifetime.

So, whether you just want some boatish-looking lights for your home or handles for your doors and even brass fittings to enhance the interior and exterior design of your property or are looking a making the most out of your limited space, Timage has the unique solution you’re looking for.

Call Oliver or one of his many expert staff members now for more information or visit Lakes Road, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3SS.

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