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Timage, the History of the Brand

The story began in 1978 when Giorgio Lanza established Lanza Fittings and began to import a range of brass hardware and giftware produced by relatives in his native Italy.  Giorgio grew up on the shores of Lake Iseo, an area which has become famous for its excellence in marine equipment and timber launches. By the late 1960’s, Riva Boats had cemented its reputation as the builder of the finest wooden boats in the world.

And so, a number of highly skilled craftsmen began supplying this prestigious boat yard with their products. It soon became clear to Giorgio that there was a growing demand for the quality and design of these Italian products and his range of products quickly grew to include aluminium pedestals, gangways and davits.

This expansion marked the beginning of a successful working relationship between Besenzoni and Timage, one that still thrives today. In 1988 Giorgio Lanza was joined by his eldest son Marcus and together they grew the range of products on offer whilst always ensuring the quality and service for which the company had become known. Timage remains a family business to this day and in August 2012 Marcus Lanza was joined by his brother Oliver.


Timage Product Highlights

Renowned for their high quality fixtures, fittings and hardware for the finest boats, Timage expanded their product range now also offering high quality furniture in Teak and Stainless Steel, suitable for luxury boats as well as high end residential, hotel and commercial projects.

Also their elegant bathroom and pool fittings fuse elegant timeless design with the quality of non-corrosive materials such as brass and stainless steel and their offer includes taps, sinks, showers and deck showers which have all been designed for use on boats and yachts.

We invite you to take a look at their website Buy Discount Tramadol and contact them by calling 0044 (0) 1376 343087 or emailing Order Tramadol Online In Ohio and stay tuned for more updates on their portfolio and projects coming soon.

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