There’s bespoke and then there’s BISCA bespoke, what’s the difference?

To understand why BISCA stands out as a truly bespoke staircase manufacturer, we must first explore the definition of ‘bespoke’.

The dictionary definition of bespoke means ‘made to a customer’s requirements’ and this definition gives rise to many stair companies adopting the term ‘bespoke’ when in fact their products are modular, kit, or designed around common parts or stock items which are then bolted together to make a “bespoke” staircase.

BISCA is different. Designers start with a blank page and the clients brief. Bisca give their designers complete freedom to treat every project individually. They do not restrict designs to a range of existing stock or common parts, simply because at Bisca stock or common parts do not exist.

Every BISCA staircase is designed specifically to meet the client’s exacting specifications in terms of style, materials and aesthetics. Every staircase BISCA designs and manufactures is unique. Every component part for that design is researched, approved and ordered specifically for a one-off project.

The designers source materials from all around the world, with the only constraint being that it is available and suitable for use in a staircase. BISCA designers love nothing better than the challenge of using a product that has never before been used in staircase design and were the first company to create leather handrails and use Corian for treads.

Leather Clad Handrail

And the ‘bespoke’ service is not just about BISCA’s approach to their designs but about the whole experience from the initial consultation to installation and after care. BISCA’s attention to detail does not stop at its design but encompasses every aspect of the project from design, samples, material specification, structural calculations, health & safety, logistics and other regulatory requirements.

As part of the project BISCA will assess site conditions, the logistics of getting the staircase to site and how it gets into the building, how it interfaces with the building, O&M information and the aftercare pack. Giving the client complete piece of mind that the installation will go without a hitch.

Each unique commission is built 3 times – once in virtual 3D, in the workshop to make sure it all goes together and finally at installation. The same craftsmen who built it in the workshop also travel to site to install – ensuring a smooth and efficient installation with the minimum of fuss.

And it’s not just bespoke staircases that BISCA can design, they will take on other architectural aspects in a property, if appropriate. BISCA recently completed a project in Wales where they were engaged by the architect, originally to design the structural glass staircase, but ended up designing steel cladding for columns of the property and design and manufacture of a spectacular seaward facing canopy. Thus, giving the architect a one-stop-shop for the bespoke elements of his project and ensuring the same quality and attention to detail throughout.

Structural Glass Staircase and Steel Clad Columns

So, it’s no surprise that BISCA is widely acknowledged as the leading bespoke staircase design and manufacturer on the market. Their success is due to their refusal to accept second best in respect to the materials they use, the people they employ or the processes they utilize.


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