The Star of Bethnal Green Shines Bright with Kai Interiors


We’ve introduces you to Tom Dixon and Ben Kelly, we’ve shown you The Cat’s Pyjamas and The Toy Shop, now let us guide you through the wonderful Star of Bethnal Green.


Bethnal Green sits in the East end of London. A slum-rough area in the early 20th century, it is characterised by its long, Victorian, philanthropic terraced houses which provided accommodation to many of the city’s poorest and destitute. The area in more modern times has become gentrified, swapping dirty street corners for vibrant displays of colour, style and modernism. The famed marketplace still takes place regularly, stocking fresh produce and the latest trends on extensive market stalls. With the transformation of this down-and-out area of London taking place within the short space of fifty years, shops, restaurants, and bars have had to also change with the times, adapting to a fresh new crowd of affluent, aspirational London-livers looking for a good time in the British capital.



This gentrification and stylish update of a historic building was the task given to Kai Interiors, a group with over ten years of industry experience who pride themselves on “excellent client relations”. They recognise that good design is not only the key to capturing the suitable clientele, it’s also a great marketing tool for the business, allowing profits to flow bountifully.



Taking forward this can-do, considered, creative attitude, the interior design group was approached by a friendly, local pub which needed an interior update – The Star of Bethnal Green. Kai Interiors’ overall inspiration was from romantic, traditional gypsy art and they chose a two-tone colour scheme of rich mint green and a pink which could be substituted for a more luxurious red to match the rose-theme which follows the visitor as they move along the deep-coloured wooden-panelled floor.


Like in all great hospitality venues, seating varies in style, shape and colour. On the ground floor of the premises a circular booth can be found shaped underneath the staircase and another is seen on the staged area by the window. These booths feature seating which is coloured a lovely rich green and matches the base colour of the wallpaper above. Along the bar sit several stools, ready to be served up a cocktail of delights and it is upstairs where our favourite features live. Backed With green velvet and featuring a premium leather that lends itself so well to this look are a series of curved dresser-table chairs placed around double-based dark wooden tables. These chairs allow maximum comfort whilst also acting as the aesthetic lynch pin to the project.



While the seating and colour scheme might be fabulous and the bar itself serving wonderful drinks, it is imperative that Kai Interiors also delivered an effective lighting scheme. The group have chosen to light the space using almost entirely pendent lighting products. Lighting the bar in a line we’re treated to that lovely red again in the form of a series of fringed lamp shades ensuring a spotlight effect, whilst also shielding the customer’s eyes from the brightness. In the downstairs area is several dual-orb lights hung from the ceiling, almost appearing as two luminary planets. Upstairs the pendent lighting is a little different, appearing as if stuck inside a bird cage, casting down bright light from a beautiful metal creation. Finally, making sure visitors have plenty of light to enjoy, underneath the stairs Kai have added a line of dressing-room mirror bulbs lighting the staircase up perfectly.


We at Lighting Interiors Online really do love a well-lit space. Within the Star of Bethnal Green, the lighting products were provided by: Light Cookie, Rockett St. George, and the Lighting House. Across the bar, the fringed shades are bespoke and that graphics were created by Lyons and Tigers.



This project truly does show the considered, creative approach which Kai Interiors pride themselves upon. The colour palette is gorgeous, and the lighting is stunning. Accessorised with the tailor-made furniture allows customers to feel comfortable in a premium space.


For more information about Kai Interiors, as well as this project and many more, visit their website:

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