The Smartest Minds Helped by Commercial Designs


Oxford University. The historic education centre for the brightest minds around the world. It’s older than the Aztec civilization – teaching having started around 1096 and alumni have included Albert Einstein and J.R.R. Tolkein. When a set of teaching facilities such as Oxford’s colleges expands, new facilities are built, and the university sought an experienced interior design team which would create a hard-working environment for the very smartest in society. The university turned to Commercial, a brand which is dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, as well as delivering stylish solutions to the largest of spaces. The Big Data Institute’s newly constructed building on Old Road Campus was due to be opened in 2017 to allow interdisciplinary research to be carried out, focusing on the causes and consequences, prevention and treatment of diseases which affect people worldwide.




The building that Commercial would be working with was a very angular one with sharp meeting points as well as curved edges, blending to create a pleasing dynamic for anyone visiting the institute. Using large amounts of glass, the building lets in a huge amount of light making the areas inside perfect for studying. What can be done to make sure that the stylish exterior matches the positive interior and each work harmoniously together?



The brief that the group were given was to ensure visitors were able to transition effectively between the informal and formal parts of the building. As mentioned, the interior choices must match up with the PPC metal that has been used generously outside. The wooden and glass panelling inside which separates each area created a gorgeous canvas for which to supply furniture to compliment the look.



Commercial Interiors used several products in various ranges from their European furniture brands including Vitra, Hitch Mylius, Senator, and Allemuir. The splashes of vibrant orange against a backdrop of charcoal, grey, and white gives the perfect splash of colour without becoming a distraction from either a student’s work or the simple décor which surrounds them. Using ergonomic chairs in the work station area, contrasted with the warm, welcoming chairs in the café made sure that each area retained its own identity.



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