The Premium Leather of Yarwood

They were established in 1967, with the Graduate in cinemas and The Monkees at number one. Much Like the film, Yarwood Leather is a timeless classic and many people are believers of using high quality material when furnishing furniture. The leather that’s produced comes in a huge variety of colours and styles, all demonstrating the belief that Yarwood can transform any project and space.




Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s button-backed seating


While the London-based leather company believes in giving a tailor-made service, their projects have been anything but boutique, providing products for JD Wetherspoons, Jamie’s Italian and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. However, their premium leather isn’t just reserved for high-quality restaurants, aviation giants such as Swiss Airlines and British Airways have been supplied for many years with a lasting product that makes flyers feel comfortable and luxurious.


Tribe Ecru Leather in Nandos St. James’ Street


One particular high-brow client is the Portuguese chain-restaurant – Nandos. Serving spicy, peri-peri chicken to customers nationwide. The brand brought in Craftwood, market-leading specialists of banquette seating to create a seating environment that felt clean, classy, and stylish. Craftwood had worked with Yarwood before on many projects, so were well-versed with how versatile some of the products could be.


Style Aubergine, Nandos in Whitechapel


Style Trafalgar leather was used for circular seating booths to wow large groups who want that intimate feeling. One property of the Style Trafalgar is its pigmented finish and the leather product can be coloured in either soft fade, marine, or electric blue.

In other outlets, leather products such as Tribe Ecru and Mustang Bottle have been used. Both bringing their own unique qualities and colourings to suit any design project.

For more information about Yarwood, as well as their products and services. Visit their website:

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