The Must-See New Products from D’Lux


Introducing the latest products from D’Lux by Inspired Lighting. They are stunning!



Designed by Diyas’ Design Team, this deeply inspired lighting piece has, as D’Lux describes it, “the wow factor”. The frame around the fixture itself is finished with oiled bronze, which provides light suitable for wide spaces such as foyers or lounge. The light is warm, and the piece comes in either 4 or 8 light pendent options. Its stunning design means that it will certainly compliment any lighting or interior project.




Parker, also designed by the same talented team, brings with it an industrial take on practical, stylish lighting. Available in both pendant or wall bracket styles, this product has a metal cage casing which has been finished in weathered zinc and brushed nickel. This product is recommended for lofted ceilings or large hallways.






Emily is elegant, regal and stylish. Described as, “a chandelier style design” and available in both pendant lamps and wall fixtures, Emily seeks to create a harmonious balance with clear-cut crystal and a chrome frame. With this piece, modern and antique are fused together. The candelabras design is combined with cascading crystals, to create a visually stunning piece, perfect for a huge number of projects.





Bringing with it a more rustic appearance, Lorna comes in either small or large and represents simplicity. The beige-finished wood and polished chrome come together as two materials which completely complement each other. This product would be perfect for a project which uses a large amount of wooden furniture or fittings, as well as other harsh materials which have been moulded into something beautiful.





Finally, Saskia comes onto the scene. This simple chandelier does away with the extravagant crystals which decorate Emily and focuses more on the slick lines and mesmerising shaping. This piece is perhaps one of the most adaptable, being able to feature in both an extravagant project with its contrasting simplistic nature, as well as a rustic setting, whereby it stands out as the centre piece of a room.


For further details about each of the featured products, as well as information about D’Lux, Inspired Lighting and the projects they’ve worked on, visit their website:

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