The Loox LED System by Häfele For All Your Specification Needs.

The current lighting market hosts a wide range of lighting solutions for various application and available in varying quality. Lighting Interiors actively seek to link specifiers with companies who can fulfil the furniture lighting solution offering in total. As part of that, we would like to introduce to you the Loox LED system developed by internationally renowned furniture fittings manufacturer and supplier, Häfele. The Loox LED system offers a high level of design flexibility for interior and lighting designers, as well as installers.



LED lighting is one of the great advances in lighting technology in recent times, allowing for creative flexibility in the design of professional luminaires. LED lights are the lighting of the future as they are much more efficient and have a longer lifespan.



Häfele have taken the benefits of LED lighting one step further – combining their knowledge of lighting technology with continuous international market analysis, and high-level manufacturing competence to develop the high-quality Loox LED system, combining the needs of specifiers and installers alike

Lifetime Guarantee

Häfele truly recognises the importance of function, quality and design and continuously test and certify all of the products in the Loox range to international standards. Häfele is so confident in the quality of the Loox LED system that they now offer a seven-year Lifetime Guarantee across all of the products in the range.


Loox is an incredibly simple, modular plug-and-play system that makes it easier than ever to integrate LED lighting into furniture design.



Loox lighting makes it easy to develop and plan flexible lighting configurations ideas. The flexibility is a result of a wide selection of different components ranging from light fixtures to switches. The easy to use plug-in system, with it’s clearly marked colour coding, connects all the elements together with a compact driver. Larger systems with multiple different drivers can also be created.

The Loox system offers a flexibility with a variety of different power systems for any residential or commercial application:


  • The 12V systems are voltage-controlled and connected in parallel in the 12V system.


  • 24V systems that can be utilised with brighter lights, along with the 350 mA system that is current-controlled.


This flexible, modular system allows for customisation and for multiple combinations to be used for various applications, as well as being adaptable to any power system in the world


Häfele set high standards for the selection of their materials, which they test and certify to an international standard. They select the highest quality LEDs for their lighting, to ensure that their Loox products offer maximum durability, energy efficiency and aftermarket replacement quality. This commitment to quality is demonstrated through the company’s Lifetime Guarantee and if on the rare occasion that a customer does encounter an issue, Häfele will replace the product completely free of charge.


The Loox systems consist of three power systems with matching drivers as central switching devices. 12v and 24v provide lighting options for universal applications across ambient and functional lighting requirements, whilst the 350mA is effective for spot lighting with low wattage. Clear colour coding makes the system easy to assemble and can be installed without the need for an electrician. The international drivers and mains leads enable lights to be fitted during manufacture, irrelevant of the destination.

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