Quality and beautiful design are at the heart of every product that TIMAGE sells. Their product range has been carefully selected over the years from a hand-picked group of Italian suppliers who share our same values and attention to detail. Their latest Marine Lighting projects feature high quality fixtures for underwater.


With high standards forming the heart of the business, TIMAGE supplies a large and diverse range of boat builders and chandlers throughout the UK and worldwide. TIMAGE has also expanded into the construction, architectural and design industries where marine grade components have become very desirable. The company is now a key supply partner to high end projects in the residential, hotel and restaurant sectors.


Underwater Lights


Using Sea Vision products, Timage can provide marine lighting solutions for the most basic to the most complex OEM installations, retrofit and refit projects.

This is for instance Project Pershing (Ferretti Group), where a Sea Vision underwater light was selected.  These fittings offer incredible power output of up to 14,000 Lumens and are perfect for use on a fibreglass hull type. The final effect is simply beautiful with the customer electing to fit lights not only at the stern but also on both the port and starboard hull sides of the Pershing. For this sort of use, it was essential to choose a good quality through hull fitting and the SV10 range is perfect (SV10 250W HID).  The SV10 model is also available in LED.

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M/Y Divine, Columbus Yacht – SV14 LED: For these steel hull applications LED power was chosen.  The SV14 LED underwater light is a market leading product.  The huge 14,000+ Lumens output at 7000°K colour temperature makes it the perfect choice for applications where there is to be no compromise.  The SV14 LED allows the light output at various positions along the hull to be carefully calculated thanks to the various lens angles available.  Each light’s position was carefully calculated using in-house software to achieve the perfect light output and spread.  Low maintenance was also an important part of these projects.  The SV14 LED uses an innovative silicone optic which protects the chip from moisture and thus ensures a long life.  The life expectancy of both of these projects was 40,000 hours plus per unit.

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Timage offers a wide selection of underwater but also exterior and interior lighting, and has a comprehensive range of mains voltage and low voltage lighting and has established an enviable reputation for the quality of its low voltage LED lighting for boats.

All of their lighting is made from non corrosive materials such as brass and stainless steel and is therefore ideal for use in the harsh marine environment. The lighting can also be used in residential and commercial projects where the quality of materials is paramount.


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