The latest in LED technology from Freestyle Lighting

Freestyle have over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing custom creative lighting that takes in all forms of bespoke products.


The UK based company provide lighting design and manufacture service for retail, commercial, educational and domestic premises.

Attention to detail and in depth knowledge of the manufacturing process means products are designed to the highest level to ensure high performance, safety and durability. British and European standards regulations are paramount in their work.

Freestyle Lighting has been providing lighting schemes for architects, designers and developers for over 20 years.

They specialise in bespoke innovative lighting design for the retail sector. From consultation and planning, through drafting, prototypes, and manufacture, they will create unique retail lighting solutions to suit you.

Freestyle Lighting use optical design software, LTI Photopia and Dassault Systèmes Solid Works to design your proposed lighting which gives you helpful simulations of photometric performance, choice of light source, and possible reflectors and materials. Tolerances in lamp geometry and photometry along with highly accurate predictions are made as to the ‘real world’ performance of the final production version of the luminaire.

Freestyle Lighting provides the perfect combination of efficiency, lightness and design, without compromising lighting performance (color reproduction and color uniformity). It offers a wide variety of options to create the desired environment, beyond the application.


Ceiling Lights

F584 Sealed LED module

This is a fully recessed, sealed LED Module. RAL 9016 with white finish with opal polycarbonate diffuser.

Together with industrial designers and LED specialists, Freestyle Lighting has created an ambient light using only the latest in LED technology. A light unit optimised for those places that demand high performance.

The F584 is energy efficient, easy to clean and practically main- tenance-free. But most important of all are the lighting ergonomics. This product has a unique colour reproduction and a shadow- and glare-free lighting profile. The next generation LED lighting system is here.

By virtue of the new LED technology, the F584 consumes up to 70% less energy than regular fluorescent units and has a life-span of up to 40,000 hours. But it’s not only better for the environment and your economy. The right lighting reduces eyestrain and increases your capacity for concentration, which makes you feel and perform better. All day long.

Thanks to the high-quality, integrated LED modules, Freestyle Lighting has been able to create a sealed unit, so dirt and bacteria can’t get in and the light is virtually maintenance free.



Fully recessed, sealed LED module. RAL 9016 White finish with opal polycarbonate diffuser

F584/48LED/WW  Warm White  3000K  48 watt  4450 lumen*

F584/48LED/CW  Cool White  4000K  48 watt  4700 lumen*

F584/48LED/DL  Daylight  5000K  48 watt  4900 lumen*



600mm x 600mm x 110mm deep  Cut-out 580mm x 580mm


F475 – Pendant fluorescent

Freestyle Lighting fluorescent luminaires are an excellent solution for energy efficient lighting retrofits in warehouse, retail, commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities.

The fluorescent luminaires are ideal for areas including warehouses, factories, sports arenas and distribution centers. Fluorescent lamps start instantly and eliminate the warm-up period required for HID lamps. Also, it provides perfect illumination for large spaces, lighting from medium to high ceiling height. The luminaire ends have been designed to facilitate continuous row mounting.


Pendant mounted fluorescent luminaire. Twin up/single downlight. RAL 9016 White finish with semi-specular louvre

F475/314  3 x 14 watt T5  OA length 760mm

F475/324  3 x 24 watt T5  OA length 760mm

F475/328  3 x 28 watt T5  OA length 1360mm

F475/354  3 x 54 watt T5  OA length 1360mm


290mm OA width x 60mm deep

240v 50/60Hz

Up/downlight component can be separately switched.

Available with dimming control gear, emergency back-up and LED



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