The Evolution of Design with BISCA

Staircases are one of the strongest transitional elements in architecture, designed specifically to link two spaces. The positioning of a staircase within a building has always been an important design factor and this is even more true with the trend towards modern open plan layouts.

Getting the design of a new staircase right is critical to making the most of the space and light available, ensuring that it ‘fits’ the environment and that it is sympathetic to the building. And this is something that leading bespoke staircase manufacturer, BISCA, excel at.

Whether a new bespoke staircase or the renovation of an existing staircase, it’s never too early to start speaking to the designers at BISCA. In fact, the earlier BISCA is brought into the dialogue, the smoother the process will be.

Bespoke commissions take time to design and build and by getting BISCA involved at the onset of the project, clients will ensure that they are not forced to compromise on their vision due to time constraints.

BISCA truly understand all the aspects of staircase design and provide a full wrap-around service, from initial concept to final installation; considering all the options for the property and guiding the client to the best solution in terms of form, function, integration, specifications and budget.

By bringing BISCA into the project at the start, architects can rest assured that BISCA will take on the all the aspects of the staircase design, manufacture and installation – whilst seeking approval and feedback at every stage.


As specialists in their field, BISCA design each staircase specifically for that project and can resolve any issues that arise as the build evolves (for example changing wall and floor thicknesses). Even better, if BISCA are engaged before the build starts, they can advise on best positioning of walls, landing edges etc. to ensure clients have every option for staircase design and layout.

With BISCA, only 60% of the design is about the staircase, the other 40% is about how it interfaces with, and integrates into the property.

BISCA pride themselves on the design integrity of each and every staircase. By the time the bespoke commission is installed, it will have built three times – at least once in the 3D, once in the workshop to make sure everything fits and works as it should, and finally on site.

Whether it be architect or client led, the process starts with a free design consultation where the requirements for the project will be discussed, design options looked at and a guide price for the project provided.

The Process:

Concept Design

Once agreed in principle, the design process begins in earnest, BISCA Design Director Richard McLane takes a brief from the client in order to understand requirements and propose design options to explore.

This is where BISCA shine, helping clients to ‘see’ their finished staircase from several vantage points within the property – even if it is still in the planning stages.

Bisca develop the design and provide clients with a design pack that includes 3D visuals of the staircase, a written specification, cost estimate, outline schematic plans and samples of finishes and materials proposed.



Once the concept is approved, or if clients already have a solution they can visualize and are happy with, BISCA fully model the project in the context of the space to get the look right.

Clients are given a firm cost, detailed specification, outline drawings and scope of works. Once the aesthetic aspects have been agreed, the designers focus is on how it works. Technically detailing the design ready for manufacture then begins. At the end of process, the client or their representative receives detailed drawings, CAD visuals, GA drawings, structural calculations (if appropriate), site instructions, final specification & scope of works.




The design then moves into BISCA’s Workshops to begin manufacture and fabrication. The commission will be fully built and inspected by the workshop team – the same people who will install it.

At any point during this workshop stage, clients are more than welcome to visit BISCA to view progress.

Prior to leaving for site, the designer fully briefs the workshop team to ensure a seamless, professional installation.



Because the people who install the commission are the same people who created, built and dismantled it in the workshop, installation is executed smoothly and with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

BISCA’s team regularly receive accolades from clients for their professionalism & hard work during installations. An Aftercare Pack with cleaning products and instructions is handed over by the Installation team as they leave site.



With 23 years’ experience in the staircase build and design business, and a collective 150+ years of experience behind the team, its clear to see why BISCA cannot be matched in terms of quality, design know-how and process.

For more information on bespoke staircase commissions or to get a quote, contact BISCA.

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