The Creativity of Loox by Häfele.

In a recent article, we introduced to you the innovative Loox LED system by Häfele. First impressions are one thing but to really see the outstanding creativity we have to delve a bit deeper.

For readers who didn’t catch our first feature on Häfele’s own brand LED system, Loox is an incredibly efficient and customizable modular ‘plug and play’ lighting system that allows for possibly the easiest integration into furniture that’s available on the market.  The system is also available with a bare ended power lead to allow a hard-wired option.

By providing the option of furniture integration, Loox opens up a whole new convenience to design without having to compromise for your lighting. The results achieved by Loox are seamless and sleek lighting solutions for any room.

Not only is Loox available in 3 different systems, a 12v, 24v and 350m offering desired functionality, but all 3 systems can be combined with the use of a converter allowing for diverse, creative lighting.

Its All about Control

Once the lighting has been installed it’s about what you can do with it that truly allows Loox to shine. It’s all about control.

Used in conjunction with dimmer switches, traditional flip switches or touch-free options such as door & motion sensors, Loox works around you, changing your relationship with your lighting. This can create a unique look that has rarely been seen in the lighting market before.

The Loox BLE boxes can transform Loox lighting into smart lighting, controlled via smartphone or tablet via the Häfele App.


For a more hands-on approach, the whole range can be combined with the range of Loox accessories for a fully customizable experience.

The Häfele app (BLE Devices only) allows for tailor-made RGB lighting setups, creating the perfect atmosphere, scenes for any mood and occasion. One lighting installation, hundreds of colour combinations.


The creativity of Loox is found throughout the entire range from conception to completion.

It is the control, convenience, application and individuality of Loox that allows it to be regarded as one of the most creative lighting systems out there and one that we strongly recommend to anyone looking to create their perfect lighting set up for any project.

Browse the Loox range by searching “Loox” at


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