Introducing Candle, Squirrel Cage, and French Candle by Zico

You may know your filament from your LED, but these fresh lightbulb designs from Zico Lighting combine practicality with a classic look.

Looking inside a mass-produced lightbulb, it’s likely that you’ll see the filament rattling around, perhaps a little loose, and often uninspiring. Yes, you think, this lightbulb will work fine within my architectural project, but as you plug the bayonet fitting into the socket and switch the light on, you may find that the bulb not only fails on a style point-of-view, but also fails to give the warmth necessary to make a design feel as stunning as it could.

Zico lighting, the brand which prides themselves on their beautiful, traditional-looking LED bulbs make sure that the dimming you experience with their products is smooth and reliable – always setting the tone just right. Allow us to introduce you to The Candle, The Squirrell Cage, and The French Candle.

             Squirrel’s Cage                             French Candle                                       Candle


While the bulbs may appear classical in appearance, their energy-saving aspect means that they’re both practical, as well as beautiful. The Candle’s sleek, narrow shape, together with its mesmerising filament design will, much like the Squirrel Cage, provide the perfect tool to complete your lighting project, however large or small that may be.

If when choosing the right lightbulb for your project, you find that designs such as the Candle, or Squirrel’s Cage aren’t quite to your taste, or not quite unique enough, then perhaps you might be interested in the French Candle – a unique twist on the Candle design which has been narrowed further at the top, to appear almost like a teardrop. Fitting a E10 socket, the design would certainly suit a tailor-made lamp, making it the centre piece of any space and providing a perfect talking point.

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