Showcasing the Photonic Range by Bright LED

Photonic by Bright LED are known for their premium lighting range, showcasing the very best products suitable for retail, office, and sporting environments. Each item has been specially designed to be adaptable to any project. Here at Lighting Interiors Online, we want to showcase some of the highlights in Photonic’s extensive catalogue.


LED Sports Bay


Perhaps the gem in photonics sizable crown, the LED sports bay provides bright, non-distracting light to any sports facility. The lengthy strip light features the latest of Samsung technology and offers the perfect replacement to Fluorescent, Sodium & Metal Halide products. The product offers between 50,000 and 100,000 hours of light and the product can feature on either a surface mount or suspended from the ceiling.



LED Sports Bay, offering practical sporting solutions


Office Pro Recessed Luminaire


We’ve all been, at one point in our lives, sat in a dingy office, trying (but failing) to focus on necessary work. According to many studies which have been done on the subject, low quality lighting can really have a negative effect on productivity and it is an issue which Photonic seek to solve with their product: Office Pro Recessed Luminaire. It would be the perfect replacement for fluorescent panel or grid lights and is incredibly efficient. There are no hazardous materials such as mercury used in its production and its lifespan is up to 50,000 hours. Usually, with office lighting, the metal elements can be distractingly reflective, with this product’s smooth round shape, users will be able to work efficiently with efficient lighting.


The Office Pro Recessed Luminaire – Offering Office Lighting Solutions


OfficePro Downlighter 10, 20, or 30w


Continuing with the office theme, we could not skip along without mentioning this easily installed, efficient, industry leading lighting product. The Downlighter comes in either 238 & 270 mm options showing its adaptability to any project and comes with options for Drop Ring or Coloured insert. Around the light itself is a white casing, however this can be changed to the option of chrome and gold. This product is a highlight, simply because of its ease of installation and adaptability. This would be the perfect product to work in collaboration with the Recessed Luminaire and will certainly brighten any space, whether office or not.


The OfficePro Downlighter – the perfect accompaniment to the Recessed Luminaire


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