Ever wondered how towel warmers are manufactured and produced?

Well Rutland Radiators talk us through their process, right from the designers to the customer.

Rutland Radiators manufacture and supply a wide range of luxury towel rails, towel warmers and vanity basin wash stands in a choice of designs and over 20 different finishes.

All are produced using DZR brass to ensure the highest quality. They provide a bespoke service, able to design and produce a towel rail for you, no matter what space you have.

The process starts with their design team. They consult the client on their style and design requirements to create a bespoke design which best suits their needs.

Once a design has been created and agreed on, the technical team pass the handmade towel warmer design over to the brazier’s in their Hampshire factory.

At this point, skilled craftsmen measure and cut the DZR brass tubing to length. If you’re unsure on what DZR brass is, be certain to have a look at their recent article on DZR brass:

Once the tubing has been measured, the braziers accurately cut and crop the tubing to ensure the handmade towel warmer fits together perfectly.

When this is completed, ball joints are added. Typically ball joints are used on more traditional towel warmers, however in recent years their use has become more common.

At this stage the cut and cropped DZR tubing is clamped into a jig and the joints are carefully silver soldered to create robust joints.

Once completed, their craftsmen add the wall fixings and feet to the handmade towel warmer. We always ensure these fixings are tough to ensure their durability.

After this, the polishing team take over. Here they hand polish every item to work out any imperfections or marks, before carrying out a thorough quality control assessment on the handmade towel warmer.

Following the towel warmer being approved by their quality control team, the item is “linished”. During this, any rough parts of solder are removed to ensure that all joints are without imperfection.

Once all imperfections are taken out and another round of quality control is undertaken, their plating team carefully then plate the product in the customer’s choice of one of over 20 available finishes.

A further quality control check is undertaken before any accessories are added. Bespoke packaging is created to offer the best protection to all towel warmers.

Then, their carefully selected couriers ship the towel warmer to site. At this point, the after-sales team take over to ensure the customer is satisfied with their new handmade towel warmer.

If you are interested in a handmade towel warmer, radiator or basin stand, then give them a call on 01252 790 464 to chat to the friendly team about how they can be of further assistance.

Or view the full range of handmade towel warmers here

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