Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) compliance is about to become a household name – with luminaires used around the home now coming into scope of the WEEE regulations.

A timeline has been established for manufacturers, importers and own branders of domestic light fittings to get themselves up to scratch.

· 2018 – Producers must join a WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) by the end of this year, joining their counterparts in non-domestic appliances.

· 2019 – They will have to declare the products sold, recycling costs will initially be limited to PCS membership and environment agency costs.

· 2020 – A government target for recycling comes into force which will include a charge, depending on the producer’s market share.

Recolight have over a decade of experience as a Producer Compliance Scheme for all lighting covered by the WEEE regulations and have recycled as many products than their competitors put together so far.

The safe and sound reproduction of lamps and luminaires is becoming as important as their efficiency in the eyes of the law.

Recolight are now in their 13th year of existence after being established in 2005, by the lighting industry themselves with WEEE regulations beginning from 2007.

Lamp recycling has almost doubled during this decade and Recolight are recycling one every second including LED, fluorescent and high-intensity tubes, bulbs and luminaires. Their compliance scheme requires producers of EEE to arrange and pay for the correct treatment of recycling their end of life products.

Recolight assume that responsibility for its members and have funded them as a not-for-profit organisation since their inception. They have gone from strength to strength and has been responsible for collecting and recycling more items of WEEE than any other sector.

Producers are those who manufacture and sell electrical equipment, resell such items and-or import them for business purposes from EU member states.

If a company brings to market more than five tonnes in a year, they must join a compliance scheme to meet their WEEE responsibilities.

The charge is per lamp put on the market, so companies can be accurately aware of what will be charged from month to month.

The data is recorded through a WEEE Black Box portal, which is online and secure and also submitted to the environment agency. Other schemes to merely buy lamp recycling evidence to fulfil their WEEE obligations, as a compliance function.

Recolight work differently to offer customers of their members a free of charge recycling service, keeping as much of what they accumulate away from landfill as possible. Recolight’s record speaks for itself.

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