Simes have introduced a compact spotlight to its Stage range which is inclusive of the company’s latest developments in LED technology.

Their highly-rated product rams home the company’s mission statement of ‘light for all around the building.’ Simes have 45 years of experience in the sector.

The aim is to produce emotions for architecture, landscape, private contexts and urban spaces. All of their catalogue is made in Franciacorta, Italy, which is a section of Brescia.

Over 13 years of continuous investment in the research and development of the latest LED developments enables them to produce intelligent, sustainable and recyclable appliances.

Simes collaborate with architects, planners, engineers and the general public to find the right solution for each case.

The Stage Round Spot is a range of spotlights with a high luminous emission and comfortable optics.

It’s sophisticated and elegant design has been inspired by the Holscher Design Studio in Denmark and blends in with the best of architecture.

A purpose built reflector ensures a beam that is without glare and an optical system which has full control over its emission and reflection of light.

Dispersion beyond the surface can be illuminated and flexibility allows for the bulb to be directed easily through two axes.

The head of the spotlight can rotate 350 degrees on its base and can move upwards or downwards, through its vertical axis.

Visible cables are almost completely concealed and the heat sink has a distinctive graphic mark, a special grid that marks the design.

Check out to see what they can do for you or call them on 01223 403 500. Alternatively, email

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