Simes’ ability to design and produce superior outdoor lighting is again evident through their Catch Downlight IP65.

Their highly-rated product rams home the company’s mission statement of ‘light for all around the building.’ Simes have 45 years of experience in the sector.

The aim is to produce emotions for architecture, landscape, private contexts and urban spaces. All of their catalogue is made in Franciacorta, Italy, which is a section of Brescia.

Over 13 years of continuous investment in the research and development of the latest LED technology enables them to produce intelligent, sustainable and recyclable appliances.

Simes collaborate with architects, planners, engineers and the general public to find the right solution for each case.

The Catch Downlight IP65 focuses on comfort and has been designed using single square optical systems, at a minimum size for maximum visual output.

The rectangular downlight is of minimal design and there’s a wide choice of technical and esthetical versions for a designer.

The body and trim is made of aluminum, with a stainless steel trim. The sophisticated optics make for a bright beam without a direct glare, through an LED lens and special dimmer.

It’s available with fixed or tilting optics, which can be shaped with protruding light sources (15mm) or with flush at the trim.

Installation is easy through the shallow mounting depth and located power supply, which simply recesses to the ceiling mount.

Check out to see what they can do for you or call them on 01223 403 500. Alternatively, email

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