Prandina, lighting solutions in the mouth-blown glass production

Prandina is an Italian lighting design company that started its business in 1982. From the beginning Prandina’s creative philosophy has fulfilled criteria of simplicity, functionality and lasting quality.


Prandina was founded in 1982 by Sergio Prandina, who has managed for over 30 years to transmit to the company its innate artistic creativity in the lighting design field, mainly by exploring new shapes and solutions in the mouth-blown glass production.

Oriented toward effective and recognizable lamps, Prandina believes in productive teamwork with established and emerging designers, both Italian and foreigner, looking for new ideas in lighting, breaking with the current trends and conventions.

From the glass manufacturing experience, Prandina is nowadays developing projects and products that fit its design strategy, also exploring different materials such as aluminium, steel, fabric and polypropylene, policarbonate and fiberglass. Production is implemented with top quality executions, materials and finishing.

The product development, supported by skilled manufacturing capability, is carried out in compliance with ISO certified quality control system, issued by DNV Italy since 2001.

During the years Prandina has developed a very distinctive style, which has been constantly renewed by the introduction of innovative technologies and fresh new approaches of the use of light. Design is an important part of the quality and beauty they try to convey to the environments thy create and in such sense the experience.

Being mainly devoted to foreign countries exportations, Prandina works regularly with more than 50 countries around the world, both with retail and contract channels depending on market demands.

From a restaurant in an Asian metropolis to the modern, newly designed villa in Auckland, stopping at New York’s new boutique hotel, their aim of Prandina is to bring light wherever it can be appreciated though the design of universal shapes and the use of precious materials, such as mouth-blown glass, without forgetting to grant Made in Italy quality.





Prandina’s collection are mainly addressed to dream houses’ decorative lightings for each one of us. Models that can grant a very high quality of interior design and solutions that mix together the beauty of ethereal shapes, natural materials, such as blown glass, to the need of lighting up comfortably your private living spaces.


Bars and restaurants

The necessity of creating a unique and identifiable look blends with the need to reach at the same time an efficient result in high-traffic public areas, such as bars and restaurants, spaces for sharing and exchange, where one eats, where one speaks, where one feels comfortable. These are the places where you want light to shine on nice things and on even nicer moments, to share with your beloved. And we are part of it.



Hotels frequently represent large spaces, that need not only to be illuminated but also enhanced. These are unfamiliar places where guests seek for shelter, and that need to be made recognizable and comfortable also for those visiting for just a very short passage. Hotel lighting cases are extremely challenging and exciting works, and they merge with the enthusiasm of coming out with some new and thrilling ideas, working in synergy with interior designers and side by side with post-sales services, tailored to end committees’ desires. Here’s how you create a unique offer made by Prandina.



Tiring and stressing situations or thrilling moments: an everyday scenario for a typical working day of each one of us. Adopting comfortable solutions, through a detailed lighting and interior design plan, becomes a win-win strategy when using Prandina. One of our main goals is to bring out those underestimated spaces to create a pleasant and stimulating environment.


Latest products


Prandina launched recently the new collection of products 2018. In this new catalogue, they explored new ideas creating blown glass timeless products, pursuing a technological approach and focusing also on different materials, allowing you to customize your lamp and benefiting of smart and easy services too, in order to simplify and speed up the supply of our light fixtures.


Images and information from Prandina. Check out in their website for more informations about their products and projects:

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