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Philip Watts Design are building up quite a name for themselves as a creative company who are truly unique.

They have introduced over 500 products, worked on more than 100 interior projects and completed 150 bespoke installations worldwide since their formation in 1993.

Some 11 awards have been collected for their efforts including FX Magazine’s Practice of the Year and Product of the Year, plus a coveted Restaurant and Bar design accolade.

They are UK based, operating out of Nottingham and London, and their range of creative architectural ironmongery is certainly creative.

Extravagant door handles, stylish portholes and distinctive sinks and urinals are unlike what you typically see on the market.

They also offer a full interior design service, specialising in the bar and restaurant sector, working with the Chill chain to create an ambient environment.

Chill are regarded as some of the coolest coffee shops in the UK and have so far worked with Philip Watts Design at their Cambridge, Manchester and Amsterdam branches.

The Chill #02 is set in the Ibis New Cambridge Station hotel, with PWD working on the project from brand conception.

They created a sophisticated space with a bright interior or natural finishes and a large variety of leathers and fabrics, dressing with found objects and curating and hanging the artworks.

It much the same at Chill #96 in Manchester, which is as noticeable on the approach to the Ibis as the hotel itself.

Check out to see what they can do for you or call them on 0115 926 9756. Alternatively, email

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