Paper Chase is Transformed by Made in Place

Occasionally, here at Lighting Interiors Online we’ll come across a company that is considerate, realistic, and vibrant. Made in Place believes that any interior design project should stand the test of time. While the projects which they undertake might be fashionable, they also need to be longlasting. As a result, every small detail is meticulously planed and thought-through. While their designs have longevity, the work must be affordable: a cost which is reasonable to the client. Furthermore, the company uses the building’s natural assets to bring added character by upcycling much of the existing interior. This recycled rejuvenation makes each client think “wow”, because they can see the transformation in front of them and come along for the journey.

Paper Chase, supplier of everything crafty, called upon the help of Made in Place to match the stationary company’s passionate vibrancy in a re-design of their Bromley store. Despite being fitted inside a historic building, the shop was tired and dated. It sat in a row of grey shops and was just another Bromley building.



To correct the drab exterior, the commercial grey was replaced with a bold, dark purple at the bottom which gradually lightens towards the top. The shop instantly stands out and welcomes customers, but it’s inside where Paper Chase really gain their value.

Paper Chase love quirky products and their shop was designed with this in mind. Furniture is suspended from the ceilings and a staircase from the upper floor is incomplete, furthering the unique quality that the brand wanted to demonstrate.



To make use of the historic property which was being designed, Made in Place exposed the bare brick, which was contrasted with the vivid purple window frames and the modern, stylish fittings below. Furthermore, original fireplaces are on show above. Their rustic, original nature highlights the contrast and quirky nature.

About the Paper Chase store, Made in Place say, “The Bromley store showcases our ability to transform small, cramped spaces into inviting, airy spaces that inspire and welcome”.

For more information about this project, others, and Made in Place, visit their website:


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