Outdoor portable and designer fireplaces for long summer nights

We are completely sure that you would never have thought about lighting the fireplace in summer months, especially during this hot summer. However, outdoor fireplaces can become the best solution to extend summer evenings on the terrace.


Many people will say that during the summer you do not want to light the fireplace. We do not! The outdoor fireplaces are ideal to create a unique, cozy, warm and romantic atmosphere for summer nights.

In addition, we are talking about design chimneys that do not require work or installation, so if you are thinking of decorating your terrace or you are in full reform of the garden, do not forget to save a place for your outdoor fireplace!

Outdoor fireplaces are beautiful pieces of different materials and with different ways of working. Among the most common materials we can find stainless steel, a material very resistant to changes in temperature and water, so it is ideal to leave the fireplace the rest of the year on the terrace, patio, porch or garden.

In terms of types, the most common are wood, gas or bioethanol fireplaces. And the models are of the most varied: independent, suspended, wall, anchored to the ground, rectangular, round, with protective screen or without it.

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a good book al fresco accompanied by a glass of wine by the fire of one of these outdoor chimneys, without a doubt the best company for summer nights.


Model Paxfocus , Focus Creation

Bioetanol Chimney,  Eco Smart Fire



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