Mackwell have set the industry standard when it comes to emergency lighting technology for over 20 years but now they are leading the way in lighting solutions.

In 2011, Mackwell became an independent company. Having historically been known as an emergency lighting component manufacturer, their new found independence saw the business grow and develop within new product sectors.

It was their passion to drive the business forward that led them to where they are today: a global supplier of lighting components and solutions to the lighting industry.

But what makes them so special? Mackwell take a huge number of measures to ensure high quality products that meet the international requirements in place.

They have a state of the art laboratory that is ENEC approved. Their TUV, third party test establishment verifies all of their testing.

The lab allow them to do rigorous testing on new developments as well as allowing them to test and approve customer’s luminaires for use with their components.

Their rigorous testing facilities allows them to produce the best and most suitable components for customers, no matter what their needs or requirements.

As an international company, Mackwell understands that most countries have their own lighting specifications and requirements, working with customers individually to support these markets.

The most common testing undertaken is Thermal, EC and Harmonics.

Mackwell is also a member of the LIA which means they have access to the LIA laboratory in Telford for any special testing.

Each project is different and each customer has different requirements. Their facilities allow them to meet these requirements individually, adapting to the needs of the customer.

Over their years in the industry they have supplied components for a large number of projects.

One in particular was the award winning Trinity Hall in Cambridge. Mackwell supplied XYLUX LD3 high performance emergency LED luminaires, which were incorporated into the impressive dining hall.

The hall then went on to win the Heritage Category at the prestigious Lighting Design Awards.

Mackwell’s XYLUX LD3 self-contained emergency LED luminaires were perfect for the project to provide fully compliant emergency lighting with no compromise in the overall aesthetic feel to the lighting scheme.

The XYLUX LD3 also features Mackwell’s SmartCharge™ technology that reduces the operating temperature to provide optimum service life and energy efficient charging. The built-in reflector also ensures impressive light distribution.

No matter what the project, Mackwell ensure the highest quality results. Their passion for lighting, makes them a strong addition to our Lighting Solutions Series.

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