Luxury and elegant outdoors furniture in the Skyline’s latest projects

Today more than ever the guest seeks an accommodation experience different from the everyday.

In every hotel, elegance and distinction must be harmonized with another increasingly important premise, which is the flexibility and functionality of each space, its equipment, lighting and technologies. Above all, the possibility of adapting the uses of the common areas is key.

Another factor that plays a leading role in recent times is the technological equipment, integrating with the furniture and generating more and more areas, which are subordinated to the great premise of making the most of the space. The design with sustainable criteria is another of the trends that renovate the hotel industry in the world.

Skyline Design is synonymous with a comprehensive portfolio of durable, contemporary and elegant outdoor furniture. Durability is usually a main concern for outdoor furniture. They are constantly exposed to the elements, and where we live, humidity, heat and rain are key issues. Because Skyline Design’s furniture is hand woven, fraying or tearing caused by expansion and contraction of materials due to the weather is usually rare. Furthermore, the high quality of the wickers ensures high tensile strength.

Skyline Design products also utilize a large range of wickers of different colours and thickness. Depending on a particular range or model, one can select a specific wicker to suit one’s needs. Customizations are also available for our clients subject to confirmation from the manufacturer.

Today we would like to introduce you two of the projects that Skyline Design have recently completed, the Azur Resort in Singapore and The Wave Hotel in Barbados.


Azur Resort in Singapore

The Wave Hotel in Barbados

For product information, as well as the full catalogue of products, visit Skyline’s website:

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