Luimlow’s aim is to bring logical lighting solutions to market and they believe they can have a positive impact on all areas of the industry.

The company, which is based in Halifax, operate under a ‘four Es’ mantra which drives their business forward.

They see their systems as playing a key role on the economy, helping their customers to reduce electricity and maintenance bills.

Lighting often accounts for 40 per cent of a building’s energy costs, so a long-term carbon reduction strategy is crucial for efficiency.

Effectiveness is a key word for Lumilow with the products they design, specify and recommend and they experience, as part of a larger group of companies with over 100 years of history.

The case studies they have amassed stand as proof of these factors, most notably in commercial and residential environments.

C U Phosco make outdoor lighting columns and its manufacturing facility is based in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.

Their factory used old 250w metal halide high bays, which burned energy and were starting to fail regularly, with Lumilow tasked to find a solution.

The factory floor still had to run at all times during installation, along with a crane that needed to be in operation throughout business hours.

They were replaced by 110w low bay fittings to maintain the light level, while a ‘last man out’ switch was added to save further energy.

The new lighting was installed by Lumilow’s partner Pro M & E, with the factory staying open as the major works were done out of hours.

St Catherine’s Hospice achieved energy savings of 60 per cent with an LED lighting upgrade, too, after contacting Lumilow for a full energy audit on recommendation from a consultant.

As a charity, best value from all funds raised is paramount to their trustees, who are delighted with the results.

LLO3 LED panels, both recessed and surface, minimised glare in all of the office areas without compromising on quality.

Lumilow’s LL11 Bulkhead luminaires were installed in communal areas, along with microwave sensor controls. LL01 LED downlights were used in the sluice and bathroom areas.

The new lighting was installed and commissioned by Lumilow’s partner Pitts Wilson Electrical, with minimal disruption to patients under the day to day care of the hospice.

The Pureprint press room in Crowborough, Sussex, chopped their energy running costs in half through an LED upgrade.

The building had previously been used for storage, so the solution had to take a whole new application into account.

Detail is important to the printing industry so reducing glare, correct lux levels and accurate colour rendering were all part of Lumilow’s remit.

New 110w LED low-bay fittings provided the desired light over the printing presses. Lumilow’s 200w LED high-bays replaced the old 400w metal halide low-bays in storage areas.

Check out to see what they can do for you or call them on 01422 343 566.

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