Loox Lighting – The Fourth Dimension of Furniture

When it comes to adding additional comfort and functionality in furniture design, lighting is often overlooked but should be more of a consideration as it can dramatically impact on the final product. Häfele’s Loox Lighting System is designed specifically for the furniture industry and allows for this can be easily achieved with great results.

A Holistic Approach

Lighting in furniture can strike a soothing balance when combined with the ambient light in a room setting, creating a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. A choreographed balance of components can create nuances, zones and accents for specific areas and conveys a ‘holistic’ approach to lighting, Häfele calls this “The fourth dimension of Furniture” and this can be achieved easily and economically with the Loox LED lighting System.

Loox lighting offers designers and manufacturers innovative and user-friendly solutions that can easily be incorporated throughout living and working environments, with all the products being easy to install and worldwide compatible.

The furniture and cabinet ready lighting systems use plug-and-play technology, making it easier to incorporate LED lighting into furniture design without the need for an electrician. The unique colour-coding system for 12V, 24V or 350mA allows for easy identification of the differing voltages and frequencies.


Standard for Illumination

LED lighting is fast becoming the standard for illumination, and Loox lighting can be easily applied in several areas throughout the home or office, providing energy-saving illumination that allows people to make better use of their space. The Loox collection provides a wide variety of expandable, modular options that allow lighting to be applied to areas that previously may have been left in the dark.

Häfele’s Loox LED lighting system includes fully flexible and customisable recess mounted lights, LED ribbon and LED silicone ribbon lights, with a product suitable for every application. The ability to put efficient task, accent and ambient light has inspired innovation and brought new functionality to furniture and cabinet design.

Complimenting Components

The collection includes switches that allow for dimming and motion sensing and which can further reduce energy usage for certain tasks, as well as converters that provide the connectivity for lights on different systems to be powered by the same driver and therefore, the same switch.

In addition to the assortment of different lights and switches, there are additional complimenting components for added flexibility and convenience during installation. These include a multi-switch box, a multi-driver box, a 6-way distributer, a 4-way extension lead etc, all certified for use globally.

The plug-and-play system allows for future proofing of furniture designs, making it easy to change or upgrade components in the product after manufacture. And that, along with Häfele’s 7 year Lifetime Guarantee, makes Loox the go to brand for cabinet and furniture lighting.

For further information on the Loox Product Range, go to their website here.

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