The world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building technology starts with over 2600 exhibitors in Germany next week.

The Light and Building Show opens its doors at the Messe Frankfurt from March 18-23, with an opening time of 9pm to 6pm on Sunday to Thursday and 9pm-5pm Friday.

The latest products and innovations for systems and solutions and the modern way to approach the planning and control of buildings are among the core themes.

Smart technology for the home and non-domestically are evident in the two key issues, ‘the smartification of everyday life’ and ‘aesthetics and well-being in harmony.’

‘Connected-secure-convenient’ is the motto for the show and 2650 companies will show off their wares and all of the big names in their sectors will be present.

Of the 210,000 visitors that are expected to pass through the doors, almost half will have made the trip from outside Germany.

Among them will be a healthy number of architects and designers, who seldom miss the opportunity to follow the current trends through the trade fair, which is held every two years.

The numbers are backed up by the figures from Light and Building 2016 where 216,610 attended, with 106,049 of those non-German visitors.

They looked around 2,626 exhibitors, of which 1,775 came from another country with the total covering a space of 249,100 square metres. The 2018 event it set to be even bigger.

Technical lighting, lamps and components were of major interest to over half (59 per cent) of those present in 2016.

Light+Building 2016

Technical lighting, lamps and components were of major interest to over half (59 per cent) of those present in 2016.

Getting themselves in the know on new products was the objective for 54 per cent, with increasing their understanding of specialist fields the ambition of 48 per cent. sponsors Zumtobel, exhibitor iGuzzini and many more will form the focus of the lighting stands, which can be found in Halls 1-6, 10 and in the forum.

Zumtobel (Hall 2) will promote both their product range and their accompanying services as one during the event.

Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) offer their customers across the globe a comprehensive range of project design and lighting renovation.

They can consult on contracting, design, intelligent lighting systems and emergency lighting systems, the latter including turn-key solutions.

One such service is NOW, a contract from which a client can benefit from LED lighting control, monitoring and regular maintenance at costs spread over the length of terms.


iGuzzini (Hall 3.1) will proudly present the products they hope will drive them forward in 2018 – which have been winning plaudits before they even hit the market.

Their Lander direct light luminaire is now on general sale, having already achieved a Red Dot Product Design award last year.

The Walky collection was only launched this year but has already landed a Design Plus accolade, which was also awarded to iGuzzini’s Laser Blade XS.

Design quality, choice of materials, usability, energy efficiency, sustainability, durability, innovation, technical quality and integrative ability were the key themes established.

The reaction on this industry platform could define the company’s strategy going forward and much is expected from the Lander, Walky and new Laser Blade XS ranges.

There is that and so much more to see at the Light and Building Show 2018 which will be spread over 11 halls, three open areas, a forum and galleria.

The Lighting Industry Association are back with their LIA Pavilion for the good of the sector as a whole, at a time when demand for exhibition space is unparalleled.

The LIA will showcase the best of UK lighting with Inspired Lighting, like Zumtobel and iGuzzini exhibitors at, joining them in Hall 6.

An additional stand, D50 in 6.1, will be erected for the key players of the British decorative industry, such as Dar and TP24.

Staples of UK lighting such as Acdc (Hall 2), Anolis (Hall 4.1), Lucent (Hall 4.2), P4 (Hall 4.2) and Thorn (Hall 2) will also be present and can be found here at


Designer electrical installations and building systems and infrastructure are in Halls 8, 9, 11.0 and 11.1, with security technology in 9.1. The galleria contains electrical installations.

The largest stage of the market will display designer luminaires and lamps in an array of styles for all kinds of different uses, with a huge range of components and accessories.

LED technology will be commonplace among these goods and is fast moving and game changing technology within the lighting industry.

A genuine equivalent to traditional light sources, comparable to 50 Watt Halogen and even 35 Watt Metal Halide bulbs, are now dominating the marketplace.

Such systems can mean huge savings, in comparison, and switching to low energy bulbs is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions.

Demand for LED products has soared as a result and the very best of these will be there for all to see at the Light and Building Show 2018.

Tickets are still available including day or season passes and first and second class travel packages, the latter only for those inside Germany. To buy, click here.

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