Leonardo da Vinci exhibition turns to Robe lighting

A former power station in Poland is the venue for a six-month exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works: “Energy of the Mind” brings together over 70 exhibits and is being lit with
120 Robe ParFect 100 LED luminaires.

Installed in the former turbine hall of the EC1 building in Lodz, Poland – a venue which has been reinvented as a vibrant science and technology centre – the exhibition includes historical models, interactive installations, films and contemporary examples of bio-inspired robotics, aviation and material technology, all focused on the activity of Leonardo da Vinci as a scientist, engineer and inventor.

EC1 chose the ParFect 100s for the Da Vinci show, and for other expositions and events taking place in the complex, for their high-quality tuneable whites and smooth refined colour mixing. The exhibition’s lighting designer Sebastian Binder, in consultation with Robe’s Warsaw-based Polish distributor Prolight, wanted a premium brand and a universal lighting fixture with which could be used for multiple applications. The ParFect’s 7 degree ACL beam style was ideal for adding mood and drama into the exhibition spaces.

Other features like tungsten emulation, zone effects and selectable/variable colour temperatures make them ideal for many scenarios, offering a rich and beautifully blended output, wireless DMX and clip-in diffusion filters. With the lights on for long periods, an LED was essential for longevity and cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, and also to be as green as possible. Ahead of the exhibition, a layout plan was received from the Muzei Nazionale della Scienza et della Tecnologica Leonardo da Vinci in Italy, and this was studied by Binder and the Prolight team. Prolight also specified and supplied all the trusses for lighting, dressing and soft goods that are flown in the roof of the hall.

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Adapted from an article originally published in AV Magazine, written by GUY CAMPOS

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