In 2012, 44 per cent of all commercial and institutional buildings were already built in a sustainable way.

Studies suggested this share would increase to 55 per cent by 2016. An increase is also expected for the refurbishment of buildings.

In surveys, 50 percent of the companies questioned reported that they had sustainable refurbishment projects in the pipeline.

The inclusion of LED lighting in constructions or renovations result in up to 3 percent higher rents, 30 percent higher sales value and reduced energy costs.

The other benefits of LED lighting are a notable increase in productivity; fewer days absent due to illness; employer branding and a working environment that inspires people to more and better.

When it comes to energy savings and the environment, automated lighting controls, more efficiently possible with LEDs, makes an essential contribution to saving energy (approx. -25%) and supports the intelligent use of daylight.

Many of us ignore the fact that you can save up to 80 percent of your electricity costs by using energy-efficient luminaires and lighting control systems.

So, don’t forget to contact Zumbotel – a company that invests talent and resources and analysing the impact of its products on the environment as well as their longevity – for all your lighting solutions with strict adherence to environmental certification of buildings while saving the environment and tonnes of money on energy.

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