Karen Dammone Provides The Cat’s Pyjamas With a New Look

Tasked with giving an incredible transformation to one of Leeds’ most popular Indian restaurants Karen Dammone interior design came up with a concept which is both incredibly fashionable currently and timeless in its sturdiness and appeal.


The Cats’ Pyjamas in the North of England offers guests the chance to sample an authentic menu coupled with real ales and a fine selection of spirits. The chef in the kitchen is the youngest Indian chef to receive a Michelin Star and the establishment always seeks to do something different, to find that gap in the market.

Knowing about the quality and uniqueness of the restaurant, Karen Dammone sought to display the uniqueness to their patrons.



The building is set on two floors and the interior design company instantly saw the opportunity to fuse harsh industrial metal together with bright murals, pastel colours and hanging lights to ensure that aesthetic presentation is accompanying every high-quality dish on the menu.



It was decided from the beginning of this project that the kitchen would be a shack, built into the ground floor. This, together with the rivetted metal around each room, brought the style of Indian Street Food to the building.



A highlight for us is the brightly painted doors which give a contrasting character to the building.

It is certain that the objective of developing an interior brand for Cat’s Pyjamas was achieved many times over.

But what do you think about the project?

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