Creativity and imagination in the lighting solutions of Michael Grubb Studio

Michael Grubb Studio delivers innovative and creative lighting solutions that address the way we perceive buildings, structures, environments and how we interact with them.


The team does not believe in  simply reproducing old ideas and repackaging them for a new space, their philosophy stands for listening, empathy, education, insights, collaborations and creativity.

Michael Grubb Studio design, advise and consult on all aspects of the lighting design process. The team create and implement innovative lighting strategies and master plans.

The Studio undertakes many strategic and masterplanning work from all over the world. They also develop project ideas with no set brief, for example ideas for events, festivals, special projects and even products.

They design bespoke lighting products for projects and the solutions include luminaire design, product development, and special light-art installation.

One of the completed projects of Michael Grubb Studio is the Brewing Gallery in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, a project in collaboration with LOVE Creative.

In this project they created a world class visitor experience to bring the Guinness brewing process to life.

As they have said in their website, in the project they have used a combination of interactive exhibits, spatial and lighting design, along with new film footage and photography.

Over a three-year period the team has been working to transform the Storehouse in different stages and provided an enhanced visitor experience.

Also, Michael Grubb Studio has been appointed once again by Diageo to provide lighting designs for the Guinness Storehouse’s €16 million expansion of the iconic Gravity bar.

This new expansion include the creation of a new 360 degree space which can hold up to 500 people at any one time, doubling the current capacity.


Check out more projects in Michael Grubb Studio website:

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